Abano Terme: spring renewal with AbanoRitz hotel thermal treatment

Abano Terme: spring renewal with AbanoRitz hotel thermal treatment

A life cycle that repeats itself year after year: when sprouts appear on the trees’ branches, human beings find new charge and enthusiasm. You have new purposes, get rid of useless objects and bad habits, dedicate ourselves to the physical shape and body care. In spring, when our skin feels the heat of the sun again, mother nature leads us to purify ourselves and to a fresh start.

How can you get rid of tiredness, irritability and winter’s sickness? Enjoy the benefits of thermal water and its therapeutic treatments in a structure that can guarantee an excellent service within a fascinating environment.

The first season’s change of the year is the very right time to have a break at the AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel.


Prevention at the AbanoRitz

Are you a woman parting yourself between home and work? Are you a businessman engaged 24/7? Finally, are you a sportsman, who has to face intense competition programs or hard training sessions?

The AbanoRitz hotel is perfect for each of you. Here you can get away from your usual superhuman rhythms and feel reborn thanks to the slow and healthy life, that distinguishes this elegant and unique hotel.

You may be thinking that going back to everyday life after this break could be difficult whereas it couldn’t be easier! The Spa Study Center “Pietro of Abano” has demonstrated the scientific efficacy of thermal water: it has a remineralizing action on the bones, strengthens the immune system and stimulates the production of endorphins.

outdoor thermal pool at AbanoRitz in spring

Therefore, staying at the AbanoRitz will positively affect your entire body: it will strengthen it and prepare it to face future challenges.

This is mere prevention. Even if it’s often underestimated, prevention allows staying healthy, having a good psycho-physical balance and also being in a good mood.


Easter at the spa

What is the best time to have a romantic escape to the Euganean Hills? Easter holidays and spring breaks, of course! These breaks just before summer seem to be made for letting us enjoy the spring with our lovers.

If you get to spend a few days at AbanoRitz, both your body and soul – plus the couple’s affinity will take advantage of your stay. In fact, some say that lying in a bed of mud while wrapped in DOC clay, is not only healthy but a love remedy too!

So, are you ready to live an alternative Easter? Find the right package for you on the hotel’s website, book it now and abandon yourself in a world of relaxation with your lover.


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special thermal treatments with thermal muds at AbanoRitz