Stew Stockfish by Ivano Mestriner

Stew Stockfish by Ivano Mestriner

Today we offer the recipe for Stew Stockfish by Ivano Mestriner.

Outgoing, independent and self-taught.

Ivano Mestriner

It’s impressive the rhythm with which the young chef Ivano Mestriner star restaurant “Il Ridotto“, from “Marca Trevigiana” invents new recipes, always experimenting, risking, challenging the dominant codes and proposing new lines, but always with the tradition behind it, firm and authentic.

The squid rice (not the classic risotto with squid ink, attention) is the latest flagship of the Mestriner kitchen.

So yes to a surprising creativity, brilliant innovations and original combinations but no concessions on the raw material: impeccable and genuinely linked to his homeland.

The recipe that we propose is

Stew stockfish

with fried polenta pralines

stew stockfish

Difficulty ☆☆

Preparation time: 30 min

(+ 3 days of soaking Stockfish)

Ingredients for 4 people

▪ A fillet of cod soaked in cold water for three days

▪ 2 carrots

▪ 2 onions

▪ 2 stalks celery

▪ 1 bay leaf

▪ 3 sprigs of thyme

▪ Extra Virgin Olive q.s.

▪ 500 ml milk

▪ 200 gr. yellow polenta flour

▪ 3 egg whites

▪ 50 gr. white polenta flour

▪ 400 ml water

▪ Salt Pepper

▪ 500 ml Peanut oil

▪ fennel tops


After having soaked for 3 days fillet Stockfish in fresh water, fillet skin, divided into 4 slices the fillet, meanwhile making finely chopped celery, carrot and onion; braise all in a saucepan and lay the 4 slices of cod, sprinkle with the milk and add all the spices, and reduce for about 20 minutes the mixture.

Divide the slices of stewed vegetables chopped, passing the mixture to mix and filter finely. Boil 400 ml of water and add us the polenta flour, finish cooking and spread on a baking sheet to cool.

Form of pralines with his hands and breading nell’albume and cornmeal polenta. Fry in peanut oil at 180 degrees until golden brown praline, dry straw paper.

In a dish lay the slice of cod, decorate the fish with its sauce previously blended and filtered. Lay around the slice of 3 praline fried polenta and fresh fennel leaves.