Stunning photos by Luca Vieri

Stunning photos by Luca Vieri

Luca Vieri

Born in 1976, Ligurian, traveler for work and for passion; Luca Vieri has left her homeland to study photography in Milan, a city rich in stimuli and opportunities revealed crucial for his career.

By working with major fashion magazines, she has been able to combine his passion for graphics to that of photography, as well as major support from Milan and Turin agencies. Become a complete artist, thanks to its wealth of experience in large Italian cities, in 2007 he returned to San Remo to realize his greatest wish; Open an agency of its own.

The passion for weddings photography is born with time, almost by accident.

Professional and determined, it has become part of international associations such as ISPWP and Fearless Photographers.

The frenzy of preparations, the excited eyes, braided hands at the altar, the laughter of a toast and the other…who see photos of Luke has the feeling of breathing the same air breathed that day, even after many years.

The strength of Vieri is its professionalism; keeping a low profile during the whole event, captures every flash of emotion from all guests, thus managing to involve everyone with his kindness and sensitivity.

Natural and fairy, families, and princely : all the stunning photos of Luke are an amalgam of styles so that flipping through his shots, you never get bored.


Shades of colors draw new horizons while the details are in the spotlight; the smiles are mixed with tears, while stolen kisses are immortalized by prospects never dull. The scenography blends nicely with the subjects of the photo, while the interiors becoming spaces in which to play with light and shadow.


As only an outstanding can do, each photo makes palpable all the emotions of every small great moment of the day. Like every great artists, when he has the opportunity to work in his land, gives the best of themselves: from east to west, the Liguria is a place in which to say Yes I want become a real magic … magic that you can relive endlessly with stunning photos by Luca Vieri.