Stylish bachelor party in Veneto: a vademecum

Stylish bachelor party in Veneto: a vademecum

Here we are, the moment has arrived! Your best friend is finally getting married and you are the organizer of his bachelor party. Are you wondering how you can make his last unmarried day unique and unforgettable? Don’t panic, there are a lot of great opportunities in the Veneto region. Each city offers a variety of original and fun experiences that will entertain the entire groom team.

If you imagine an alternative bachelor party, far from common stereotypes, here is a small vademecum for you! These tips and ideas will help you planning a party that will leave the groom-to-be speechless.

Bet on “healty” fun

Choose experiences that make you fully enjoy your friendship, that focus on being together and sharing moments. Thus, even after years, you will always remember that bachelor party with joy. If the future groom loves sports, take him to the Brenta river for rafting, canoeing or trekking. You can also dare with paragliding or parachute for the most reckless groom: enjoying the view from the Prealps to the Venice lagoon from the sky is priceless! If the wedding will be during the winter season and you are mountain’s lovers, the ski slopes on the snow-covered Dolomites await you.

Choose style and elegance

Are you sea lovers? Surprise your best friend with a day on a sailing boat in the Venice lagoon or plan a themed evening in an authentic Venetian galleon. The “floating” bachelor party will be unforgettable. If you choose Venice as a destination, you must go to its well-known casino. Do you prefer to keep your feet on the ground? Then, choose the elegance of the timeless limousine to get around Vicenza or Verona.

Three tips for a guaranteed success

Once you have chosen the activities to do and the place to go, always remember to:

  • establish the budget with all the participants;
  • be as original as possible, avoid clichés and respect the tastes of the future groom;
  • keep it secret and create suspens.

With these three additional tips, success is guaranteed. And remember, the tradition of any bachelor party is simply to have fun and in Veneto region, the wide activities’ choice make it easy to respect this tradition!

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