Get ready for summer at Abano Ritz

Get ready for summer at Abano Ritz

Shut the door. The summer is coming.

As for every good thing in life, we need the right mood to welcome the new season. Mind and soul must be balanced for our well-being. We must feel in the right place at the right time, and Abano Ritz is the answer. It is exactly this: the right place at the right time. When the summer isn’t yet in its full and our body’s still suffering from stress and fatigue of a winter that doesn’t want to end, here is the solution.

It is like arriving prepared to meet true love.

woman enjoying nature and sunshine in Abano Ritz Park

Picture by Giovanni De Sandre

In the game of seduction, the intellectual seducer, who anticipates and contemplates the act of conquest with imagination, wins. A process, where nothing must be taken for granted, everything shall be lived slowly, conceived and perceived. That’s how we like to define the stay at the Abano Ritz Hotel: getting ready for the colors and emotions of an amazing summer.

Your stay at the Abano Ritz, no matter how long it is, is an imperative treat. You can decide to take care, first of all, of yourself. Stop, focus, feel your breath and regain charge and energy, and get ready for a full summer.

Nothing, therefore, will be left to chance: since when you go through the sliding doors of this structure, till the moment you leave the hotel regenerated, ready to return to your everyday life. So, the choice of the room will not be random but based on your mood. Are you romantic, attentive to design or do you like rediscovering the style of an old-style room? Maybe, a suite with a balcony to enjoy a unique landscape? All you need to do is asking.

Balcony suite at Abano Ritz

The “Bellessere” treatments signed by Abano Ritz

A virtuous cycle, in this sense, continues with the choice of the most suitable treatments. Those must allow your external and internal beauty to enrich one another, adding beauty to beauty. This is “Bellessere”: a program that includes special facial treatments aimed to fight cellular aging, and muscle and tissue relaxation. Your skin will glow because light, compactness, and uniformity are intensified by our treatments. Body treatments, then, have the purpose of enhancing the beauty of your shape, preserving it from aging and making it shine from the inside.

Facial treatment for glow, tone and health of the skin at Abano Ritz

At the Abano Ritz, the customer’s care starts from individual needs: there aren’t two identical “Bellessere” treatments.

Good food care

«Figs, walnuts, almonds are my delights …», wrote Petrarch in his home in Arquà, not far from the Abano Ritz. Thus he defined the beautiful Euganean Hills: «rich in the fruit of Minerva and Bacchus». Those landscapes rich in woods, vines, olive and fruit trees, was the place to be, for the poet. And apparently, not just for him.

The Abano Ritz guests share the love for nature and pastoral places, where to rest and forget about problems.

The trails on the Hills, guided by a naturalistic guide along the Wine of the Hills Route, will let you discover its wonders. With the “2019 Guided Tastings” along the Wine Road of the Euganean Hills at FAI – Villa Vescovi di Luvigliano di Torreglia, you will taste the wine in the territory where it’s produced, exploring the rural culture, experimenting with the gastronomy of the local areas to stimulate the senses. The Abano Ritz is FAI partner and member of the Wine Route, and it well represents them with its menus and cellar.

stockfish "alla vicentina" signed by Abano Ritz

«We are what we eat», some say, that’s why this experience is also an essential part of “Bellessere”.

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