Summer wedding bouquets: 5 beautiful bridal bouquets for summer

Summer wedding bouquets: 5 beautiful bridal bouquets for summer

Summer has come, bright and lively, and for all the bride that decided to get married under the sun, we selected five summer bridal bouquets. 

1) Violets bouquet

A very feminine and delicate bouquet, with a unique scent, is the perfect floral decoration for quite tiny figure. The violets are made for small and rounded bouquets. The violets is the flower that best symbolizes pure and unselfish love bewteen two people, and according to the language of flowers its meaning is one of modesty, shyness and purity. The violet bouquet is the perfect fit to a shabby-chic or boho-chic wedding to celebrate surrounded by a beautiful garden, like the Sigurtà Park, or by a quite countryside.

summer wedding bouquets

2) Roses bouquet

How could you resist the charm of the classic, romantic bouquet of roses? The roses are the perfect fit to a vintage reception, maybe 50′ inspired. A romantic  bouquet of roses by David Austin, with its pastel colours, it’s perfect for every bride who wants to get married under the warmth of the summer sun.

bouquet sposa estivi rose david au

3) Sunflowers and daisies

Which flower is the most summery one? Probably the sunflower: a bouquet made with beautiful sunflowers which shine and gives life and beauty to everything around them, including the bride and the groom. The sunflower follows the sun from sunrise to sunset: it’s because of this that it seymbolizes entenaral and loyal love between two people. In a summer bouquet is best combined with daisies, a mix of colours and happiness.

summer wedding bouquets

4) Yellow Narcissus and wildflowers

Yellow is the colour of summer, so why not choosing a bouquet of yellow narcissuses, glamour and rustic at the same time? Because the narcissus has huge petals, little summery wildflowers could be the right combination: maybe the mallow, with its light pink colour, or the achillea, with delicate, petite petals. 

bridal bouquets for summer

5) Peony and eucalyptus

An ethereal and feminine summer bridal bouquet, perfect both for a traditional and religious ceremony. The peonies are among the most used flower in a wedding bouquet. For years now it has been the symbol of happy marriage, of wealth, love and nobility. The peony is a very traditional flower, and to make your summer wedding bouquet a little more modern you can combine it with some branches of eucalyptus. There you have a fresh summer bouquet, very original and romantic: the perfect summer bridal bouquets.

summer bridal bouquets