Summer wedding: dare, play and amaze

Summer wedding: dare, play and amaze

Summer, the sunniest and most delightful season of the year, is coming! How many of you have decided to get married in this period  full of life and color?
Many of you, I am sure! A summer wedding gives you more freedom of choice in everything related to the wedding’s organization: from the dress to the location, everything is allowed in this season!
So let me get to the bottom of the matter and see all the advantages that summer brings in a marriage. Furthermore, if you are about to celebrate your wedding in the next weeks, you might also find some good ideas.

Dare with a short dress

We can only start with the undisputed queen of this day: the bride. In summer, the heat can be unbearable and annoying even for all summer’s lovers. Tradition wants the bride to wear a long dress, but imagine yourself posing for your photo album at 2 p.m. in July: not even the shadow of a jasmine on a pergola could save you. So have you ever thought about daring with a short dress?

summer wedding short dress

Otherwise, an alternative could be a “transformable” dress, i.e. a dress that you can shorten whenever you want by simply removing the lower part of the skirt. It could be a fair compromise, couldn’t it?
However, I am almost sure that most of you will still be faithful to tradition; then, the important thing is to choose a light textile and above all… a few layers of fabric!

Play with gadgets

During a summer wedding, temperatures will not be hot just for you, but also for all the guests! Take the opportunity to give them some “refreshing” gadgets: they may be useful for the invites (who will be grateful to you!) and will become the original memory of your wedding. Here are some examples:
Ton sur ton fans placed on the chairs of the place where the ceremony will take place;
– Light coloured umbrellas decorated with laces to be given to all the female guests: thus, they could shelter from the sun in a sophisticated way;

summer wedding gadget

Sunglasses for male guests: you can customize the beams by writing the wedding date on them, for example;
Flip-flops: they cannot miss if you choose to marry on a beach.
Do you like more than one of these ideas? Then you can exaggerate and provide each guest with a mini-bag containing more gadgets!

5 mini tips to amaze

Finally, there are 5 little “must-to-do” to get married successfully in summer:
Light make up for both the bride and the female guests. The annoying and involuntary drops of sweat would force you to adjust it too often so… Hurray to the natural beauties!
“Up” hairstyles. Getting rid of your hairs’ weight will give you much more freshness as well as an incomparable elegance. And if you have a short haircut, you already have an advantage!

summer wedding hair

Seasonal fragrances and flavours that inebriate the air and satisfy all the palates: from the bouquet to the dishes, there is nothing better than the summer to fully enjoy seasonal products.
Color! Especially on the table, play with the colours of nameplates and centrepieces: summer is the season of bright colours, which encourage celebrating and stimulate joy.
– Finally, Ice cream cannot miss on the table! It could be one of the ingredients in your wedding cake or it may combine with one of the course in your meal.

Waiting for…

A summer wedding certainly requires many tricks on the location, especially if you have decided to get married in Italy, the land with a plenty of different landscapes and climates. In the same region indeed, you might go from the sea to the mountain in a few hours by car and from the heat to cooler temperatures on the same day.
Read the next article to find out which are the best Italian locations to get married in summer!

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