Summer wedding: the perfect locations in the north of Italy

Summer wedding: the perfect locations in the north of Italy

The theme of the previous article was that you are allowed to do whatever you want in a summer wedding.
Getting married in the sunniest and hottest months of the year is a common choice and it’s easy to understand why. However, many measures must be considered: from the dress to the location, nothing has to be taken for granted.
In the previous article, we have already seen the 5 + 2 tips to amaze and dare with the dress, the make-up, the flowers and the guests: in that way, you will have a successful summer wedding.
Now, it’s time to have a look at the multitude of Italian locations (starting with the north of Italy) and to understand which are the best places to celebrate your wedding in the summer.

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Italy: a great amount of landscapes and climates

During summer, the Italian peninsula presents many different climates and temperatures between the north and the south. Since there are many regions with both sea and mountain landscapes (which also have hills and plains), the weather conditions suddenly change. This is why you have to choose your Italian wedding location with care, especially in the summer.
Let’s start with the north of Italy, which is mostly occupied by the Po river valleys: here the summer is humid and sultry. The heat will certainly be strong, reaching peaks above 30° between July and August. The Alps, in fact, protect this area from the cold winds that blow from northern Europe and maintain a constant warmth throughout this season.
Therefore, the perfect location for your wedding is the one located in a strategic place, where sea/lake breezes or cool mountain winds mitigate the heat.

Oasis of wellness in the North of Italy

Do you love the sea? Are you not able to miss beaches and sea breezes smelling of salt? Here are three regions in Northern Italy that will satisfy you.

  • In Veneto, the romantic Chioggia and Jesolo are waiting for you, as well as the fascinating and unique Venice, with its luxurious locations overlooking the canals.
  • In Friuli Venezia Giulia, the climate becomes more aired and pleasant in some locations that overlook the Gulf of Trieste, such as Duino and Portopiccolo di Sistiana.
  • Liguria has a dry climate that awaits you in Portofino or at Canevaro Castle, which blazes the sea.north of italy locations

Do you prefer lakes? There are plenty of them in the north of Italy.
Some examples are: Como Lake in Lombardy, Barcis Lake in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Santa Giustina Lake in Trentino and Lake Garda in Veneto.

Alpine and pre-alpine areas: breathing the fresh air

If you are a mountain lover and want to fill your lungs with fresh and pure air while saying “yes”, then Northern Italy has some suitable locations for you too. In fact, if the plains occupy halfway of the north of Italy, the rest is composed of alpine and pre-alpine areas. Here, the climate certainly becomes cooler, especially if you choose a location at high altitude like the Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige or the Friulian Dolomites.north of italy mountains

Do you prefer to stay in the middle ground, balancing between sea and mountain? Then let yourself be enchanted by the gentle hills of the Pedemontana Veneta. Here you can immerse yourself in the greenest zone of the north-east of Italy, among luxuriant slopes and historic villas to celebrate your love. Finally, there is one last suggestion for all nature lovers, who likes to find refreshment in the shade of natural beauty on the hottest days: Sigurtà Garden in Verona.

Waiting for…

Briefly, northern Italy saves the right location for everyone!
The wide range of places offered by these regions seems to be able to satisfy almost all the requests for a summer wedding… or maybe not?
If you are not yet completely satisfied and if you are looking for other “summer locations” or if you are just curious to find out what other havens are offered by the Bel Paese, continue this journey and find out which are the best locations in Southern Italy to get married during the summer in the next article!

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