Sunflowers Bouquets, the “sun” flowers for your summer wedding

Sunflowers Bouquets, the “sun” flowers for your summer wedding

Sunflowers bouquets full of sun-shine

Sunflowers. And if we close our eyes, it’s summer that we think of, the warmth  of the sun upon the skin, the blue of the serene sky.

Have you ever seen flowers more beautiful than these?

Sunflowers Bouquets field

Flower of happiness, pride and brightness, the sunflower was named in the seventieth century “the Indian sun” thanks to its colour: big, yellow petals and royal presence, it’s like a globe of fire fallen on the Earth, bright, warm and shiny as the sun.

But the sunflower’s connection with the sun doesn’t end in the common coloration: they share a deep relationship, which goes back to the birth of the flower itself. It’s a relationship of love.

According to an old legend, the nymph Clizia fell deeply in love with the God Apollo. Very soon, he got tired of her and started to focus his attention to his new flame, the young mortal Leucotoe.  Clizia, insanely jealous, revealed to Leucotoe’s father the relationship of his daughter with the mighty God. Leucotoe’s punishment was death.

Sunflowers Bouquets van Gogh

Sunflowers, Van Gogh

Lost and in pain, Apollo banished Clizia. The nymph starved herself to death and passed her last days following Apollo, as strong and beautiful carried the sun across the sky in his golden carriage. After her death, Clinzia turned into a beautiful flower, the sunflower, doomed from that moment on to follow the sun on every turn, waiting for his beloved Apollo to return.







A colourful wedding

Perfect for a summer wedding, ideal choice for a “sunny” bride and her fun and cheerful reception, the sunflower is the flower that better symbolizes summer and the one that can give an unique touch to the entire ceremony.

Styled in the bouquet, the sunflowers are the unquestioned protagonists: bright and “sunny”, the green stem contrasting flawlessly with the yellow petals, they are more than enough to enlighten the entire aisle of the church.

Sunflowers Bouquets petals

Being a “rustic” kind of flower, the sunflowers bouquets are usually combine with jute or raffia, a good match to a young bride.

Our Patrizia di Braida, floral designer with delicate taste and great talent, dares even more with her combinations, suggesting a sunflowers bouquet with long stems and decorative wood  of “alba rosso” shaped in little circle around the centre.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Sunflowers Bouquets Di braida