Sweet awakening at the Ruzzini Palace Hotel

Sweet awakening at the Ruzzini Palace Hotel

I open my eyes, still sleepy, and try to fumble around with the alarm clock on the nightstand, but I realize it isn’t there. I get nervous and suddenly put my hands between the soft covers and get up, sitting down on the four-poster.
I calm down and smile, I am clumsy as always! There is no alarm clock waiting for me because I am not at home.
I booked the “Hearts in Venice” package and I’m spending a romantic weekend at the Ruzzini Palace Hotel with my husband. We haven’t made time for ourselves for so long that it’s like a daydream.

Chris is still asleep, a beam of light illuminating his full and grizzled beard. I hope not to wake him up.
I mentally go through the previous day, from the arrival at the hotel by the water taxi to the amazing candlelight dinner in a typical Venetian restaurant.


Hearts in Venice

The bottle of Prosecco we found in our room made us feel at home. It has been a companion of laughs and an accessory of intimate affection, things that home life made us put aside.

To make me feel beloved, Chris left flowers and a love letter for me, reminding me of our first romantic dates. Chris certainly appreciated our dinner at that marvelous restaurant, especially the dessert, as he has always had a sweet tooth.

Ruzzini Palace Hotel Royal Suite

While I am daydreaming, I meticulously observe our suite, and I am fascinated. The colors and textiles are perfectly attuned: the satin curtains sparkle in the sunlight, while the cardinal red is the pièce de resistance that gives a touch of royalty to the atmosphere. The fresco on the ceiling further enriches the Royal Suite. I feel like a queen.


Chris is lying down and yawning. He rubs his sleepy eyes with one hand and holds me with the other. He asks me if I am happy, and I nod, holding him tighter.


Boat Ride

We have our boat ride today. Venice is a city that has fascinated me ever since I was a kid, and being able to experience it with my Chris is like no other feeling in the world. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to admire the colors of the lagoon and capture forever in our memory the magnificent palaces and sculptures that made Venice unique over the years. I imagine us slipping through the narrow alleyways of Venice.

We leave the Ruzzini Palace water gate, and I realize that the ancient residence of the Doges and other famous families of Venice has been our love nest for the weekend.

Venetian canal

The colors of the sunset embrace us as we surf through the canals, discovering unknown and full of life streets one after the other. The emotions that seemed to fade after so many years together return, more explosive than ever.

Sometimes it is necessary to escape from everyday life, and it takes only a couple of days to make up. For us it was enough to spend an unforgettable weekend at the Ruzzini Palace Hotel.


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Ruzzini Palace Hotel exterior