The Bride’s Zodiac: Taurus Horoscope April 2017

The Bride’s Zodiac: Taurus Horoscope April 2017

Taurus Horoscope April 2017: the perfe(ct)ionist Bride.

Stubborn, lazy but perfectionist: all the ladies born from the 21st of April to the 20th of May are Taurus brides, adorable “living oxymoron” and in eternal love with beauty. If, as their big day gets closer and closer, they feel the need to finally get up from the couch, it will be surely become a living hell for whoever will have to deal with them during the planning of their wedding day.


Taurus horoscope april 2017


Venus, the planet which presides over the sign, forces the Taurus brides to have an unhealthy obsession for achieving perfection in everything. If we have to sum up their behaviour, it will be with a phrase more or less like this “why settle for anything rather than perfection ?” . Following this line of thinking, their wedding dress will have both a romantic and daring design, with lace and just a touch of modernity.

(Marisa dress – Atelier Emé)



Symbol of universal love and beauty, of course the rose must be the flower of any Taurus bride: as much charming and delicate at first sight as complicated and “stinging” at first touch.  Winning over a Taurus woman is definitely a taught job, but once you have her by your side, she’ll be eternally loyal and faithful to you.


Passionate, flirty and often jealous, the Taurus bride is sure of the power of the word “together”. Under her wedding dress awaits a pink set of lingerie, both delicate and sexy, just like her.

 (Lace and satin bra by La Perla)


Green is the colour of Venus and of the emerald, the stone which will give some stability and understanding to our Taurus brides. A BRILLANT idea is  to wear it on a encrusted headband that will lighten up even the most classic hairstyle.

(Pearls and crystals headband by Miu Miu)


The perfume of the Taurus bride resembles the one from her wedding bouquet; “Rose” by Blumarine, mixes the oriental hints of bergamot, freesia and sesame seeds with rose petals, lily-white and tuberose. Deep down, scents of moss, patchouli and vanilla makes this perfume even more special.


Even the make up is pink.  A touch of light, pink blush on the checks is what will complete the fresh and luminous make up of the Taurus bride.

(Blush by Sisley-Paris)


A little vain and always on trend, the Taurus bride will be able to be at the centre of attention even if she doesn’t wear heels but just these gorgeous pair of  green satin sandal by Miu Miu.