The Bride’s Zodiac: Aquarius

The Bride’s Zodiac: Aquarius

The Non-Conformist Aquarius Bride

Selecting what to wear on her wedding day is probably one of the most difficult challenges that a woman goes through during her life. Second only to giving birth, adolescence… and sales.

You may not agree with horoscopes, but sometimes, in the absence of external help, it really is true that the stars can show us the way!

Whether or not you were born under the sign of Aquarius, between January 21 and February 19, or there is an important day for you in this period, why not draw inspiration from this super creative air sign?


The Attire

The Aquarius will be a non-conformist bride, with a look that is slightly “masculine” and innovative.
The highlight of her attire could leave everyone speechless… by being revealed to be long and flowing pants.
(Jumpsuit Wedding Collection, Spring 2017, Elie Saab)

The Bouquet

The poppy, symbol of passion, faith, and justice, is associated with the sign of Aquarius and is capable of creating an intense and unusual bouquet.

The Lingerie

One of the colors of Aquarius is gray: refined and intriguing. The best place for this color on the special day is under the dress, in the form of seductive lingerie.
(Stretch Lace Bra, Cosabella)

The Jewelry

Black sapphires and black rhodium, overlaid with gold, form this precious ring from Renésim. It utilizes the Aquarius stone and brings to mind the metal of that sign: Lead.

The Perfume

The Aquarius is constantly in search of something new, something different. Nothing could be more suitable for her than the surprising fragrance “Chance” from Chanel.

The Makeup

The makeup of the Aquarius bride, as strong as the earth, should suggest the color brown, another color of that sign. Worn on the lips adds a dash of daring to an otherwise strictly natural look.
(Matte Lipstick, Christian Louboutin Beauty, colour Zoulou)

The Shoes

Tall, tall, tall..
Be elegant with satin like a delicate rose and stylish with the platform model. These are absolutely essential under a dress that falls as straight and strict as yours.
And then you will be able to look down on everyone, at least for one day.
(Sandals in Satin by Jil Sander)