The Bride’s Zodiac: Pisces

The Bride’s Zodiac: Pisces

Pisces: The Dreamer Bride

Brides born between February 20 and March 20 are under the sign of Pisces, the famous water sign, but one of her main characteristics is to have her head decidedly elsewhere: out of the water, and up among the clouds!

Creative, romantic, and emotional – seasoned dreamers; What should be the choices of the pisces bride? What bridal outfit could be as beautiful as her fantasies?



Her life is imaginative and creative, and her wardrobe is clean and straight. The Pisces is not charmed by frills, sequins and glitter, even on the day of her marriage.

Yes, it will be incredible, like from a fable, but simple and refined.

(Two-piece dress, “Monica” model, by Atelier Emé)


The bouquet of a Pisces bride should take inspiration from the flowers dear to the water sign. Wisteria, that symbolizes her pure love and her closeness to loved ones, counterpoised by hydrangeas, which signify detachment from the environment and the persons that surround her, will create a romantic bouquet that displays her interesting and complicated character.


The Pisces woman will rarely stray far from colors like white and black; these have nuances that will never bore her and are perfect for any situation. Her choice of lingerie will be no exception.

(Bra with pearls by Givenchy)


The splendid violet amethyst is the stone of the Pisces sign. Amethyst increases self-esteem and energy, two things definitely needed by any bride.

(18 carat gold and amethyst earrings by Fred Leighton)


The soft aquatic jasmine at the heart of Giorgio Armani’s iconic fragrance reminds us of the origin of the sign. Pure, delicate, and transparent as a drop of water, its fresh essence is an ideal accompaniment for the Pisces bride.

(Aqua di Gioia eau de parfum by Giorgio Armani)


Simple and natural in her makeup, the Pisces woman will devote more of her care and attention to her hair. A romantic, voluminous look will be the be best choice to compliment the dress of her dreams.

(Hairbrush by Balmain Paris Hair Couture)


White: classic, traditional, and timeless. The shoes should have the same bright white as the dress, and will hopefully lend her more boldness with the heels, which should be high. For the big day, maybe she will be able to give up her sneakers just once.

(Pumps by Francesco Russo)