The Call of a Poppy Wedding Bouquet

The Call of a Poppy Wedding Bouquet

A Poppy Bouquet for a Bride Who Loves Nature

Characterised by sweet and gentle shapes, but with intensive and lively colours, poppies are a flower full of captivating meanings. It is the ideal flower for brides whose desire is to be sorrounded by intimate and close friends and family, and look for a simple and fresh wedding reception!

Bouquet di papaveri per sposa

The ancient Greeks connected this flower to the god of the eternal sleep: Thanatos, in fact it was used as head decoration in the god’s representations. However, poppies were also attributed to Demeter, goddess of the earth and of the harvest, so it gives to the poppy a new meaning of fertility and life.

Poppy bouquet, MonetVery celebrated and loved especially in the 19th century, poppies have been portrayed by Monet, who made them a symbol in his masterpiece “Poppy Field”.

Parisians used to love them for their decisive and joyful colours, and for their connection to the rural nature and all the values it conceives. Even today when you think about poppies, you get a feeling of tranquillity and it reminds us that need we sometimes have to take a break from our daily routine and the desire to live a more simple life, less frenetic, sorrounded by nature.

A Unique Beauty that Must Be Caught Without Hesitation!

Bouquet for brides with poppies

Poppies are a “wild” flower, to be picked up in the overgrown lawns and in the wheat fields, they are a delicate beauty that few people can admire in their full beauty: their petals can fall out one after the other within one day!

Do You Know that Poppies Are…

Very, very tall! Indeed, and they can be used as beautiful decorative flowers for your wedding, or in your bouquet! In their most common acception of fertility, joy and simplicity, what flower more suitable for a future bride in her happiest day of life?

Poppy Bouquet, Patrizia di Braida, floral designer

Our floral designer Patrizia di Braida recommends to us a special bouquet with an intertwined structure that highlights the particular natural features of the poppy. This is a composition that fits a bride who loves nature and tranquillity, and who may wish for an open air wedding reception, in a beautiful garden, or in the countryside.

Bouquet di fiori di papaveri per matrimonio


It was believed in the past that the infusion of poppies had calming properties so that lovers would drink it for releasing their love pains and calm their soul.

The seeds of the poppies can stay inactive for more than eighty years and blossom when you expect it the least… just like love!