“The Church Palace, a love story” First Episode

“The Church Palace, a love story” First Episode

A preview of the new novel published by the Lunargento publishing house “The Church Palace – A Love Story”. The story of a young couple’s trip set in the beautiful location of Via Aurelia 481.

“In the alleyways near Piazza del Popolo, the wind did not seem to give respite to anything or anyone. (…) We entered on tiptoe over the white and black tiles, careful not to step on their intersections, as though we were children playing acrobatics. – You are not spoiling me a bit too  much? – you asked, already certain of the answer I would give…”

Such a beautiful start for the new book by Lunargento Publishing House, which takes place in Rome, Italy, inside the The Church Palace Hotel. The new publication is part of a wider series called Love me in Italy, a Love Story, dedicated to the most beautiful locations in Italy, where fall in love and celebrate your wedding day in villas, luxury hotels and astonishing places of incredible charm. The entire project also finds its place inside the online magazine lovemeinitaly.com, an international online-platform focused on the italian wedding and romantic tourism.
The texts are written by Luca Marinangeli, a young italian writer who tells the story of two young lovers travelling to Rome. The two characters are enjoying their time in the Eternal City staying in the gorgeous The Church Palace, making a journey of art, literature, good food, fashion and design that shows them Italy main values and strengths.

Arriving at the Hotel
The two of them take a taxi to get to the Hotel: the majesty, the massive façade and the elegant hall of The Church Palace leave them speechless.
And so, as they walk through the Aurelio neighbourhood, within the park of the “Villa Carpegna”,
“filled with nobility and refinement, from its frescoes to its three delicate fountains: the “Circulare Fountain”, the “Fountain under the Beautiful View”, the “Fountain of the Cup”, where The Church Palace stands, they find shelter in a rainy afternoon, looking at the beauties of the scenery around them, the freshly cut grass and letting memories of an happy childhood float between them, “past Septembers when the team began again to play football in our neighbourhood. I felt as though I were six years old again, with eyes closed to the greenery.”

A romantic evening of love
The couple then goes to a fashion show to have a look to the work of a young rising stylist at her first collection. It was the result of months of hard work at the atelier, and it is welcomed with a warm applause of excitement, even by the our female character who, a dreamy look on her face,  asks his fiancé: “You will buy me that dress when we get home?”. Then it’s dinner time.
“After a few minutes of conversation, we returned to same the exquisite avant-garde dishes, culinary combinations that we had never imagined.”
Among the fancy and sophisticated dishes the two have the pleasure to taste there are some of the Chef’s specialities, as the roman artichokes with couscous and pumpkin seed oil or the milk
chocolate mousse with raspberry gelatine and reduction of brut sparkling wine, whose recipes are thoroughly described in the book.

Few questions remain unanswered: who are these young lovers? What are they really doing in Rome? How their staying at The Church Palace will go on?
To get your answers, you’ll have to stick with us and wait for the next blog posts!