The Church Palace Hotel: dinner on the terrace of the Nero Restaurant

The Church Palace Hotel: dinner on the terrace of the Nero Restaurant

Sophisticated setting, refined cooking, elegant and appealing atmosphere: this is the Nero Restaurant, a very charming space inside the The Church Palace Hotel

A restaurant of peculiar charm, distinctive setting and unsual design, but very effective. After all, the Nero Restaurant is located inside the The Church Palace Hotel, within the amazing Villa Carpegna Park, just few steps away from the Vatican City, near San Pietro.

Impeccably renovated, keeping the old arches and the majestic columns, the Nero Terrace Restaurant is an ideal choice for a romantic dinner, a dinner party or a special event. 

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Interior design.

It’s almost impossible not falling in love with such restaurant that, with only once glance, is always able to amaze its guests, with an interior design which is the perfect mix of elegance and semplicity. The main room is has dark wood chairs and tables, the same colour of the walls, which also have some geometrical, black and white decorative panels. The framed mirrors reflect the light coming from the large windows,decorated with white precious drapes, and from the long chandeliers recalling the old 30′ pubs.

The inner places are very elegant without being loud about it, but the real asset of the restaurant is the outer terrace. Picture yourself during a summer night, with the soft lights of the candles all around you, surrounded by an amazing garden. All you have to do then is choosing the right occasion to enjoy an unforgattable moment with your loved one, in the spirit of the deepest romanticism, good food and those beautiful emotions you have when you feel like you’re in an universe where time has stopped.

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Refined and re-interpreted cuisine

The Nero Terrace Restaurant Chef offers to his guests very characteristic dishes of the italian cooking, reconsidered according his own tastes and creativity, like different spices and flavours. The Chef’s main goal is to amaze his guests, creating new dishes with high quality ingredients. It’s not a coincidence that the Nero Terrace Restaurant food is all home made, from the bread to the cakes and the breakfast pastries.

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