“The Church Palace, a love story” Second Episode

“The Church Palace, a love story” Second Episode

Following the romantic journey of two young lovers in Rome: the second episode of their love story, set in the amazing The Church Palace Hotel

We’ll make a picnic”, you had decided firmly. We bought a couple of small sandwiches and a bottle of beer from 66: spartan but extremely pleasant. You also purchased a straw hat and laid it over your eyes while you slept on the ground after lunch. I remember that I spent a few minutes wathing you while you splept lightly. A small sound was enoughto cause you to wake. (…)”

The journey throught the Eternal City keeps going on for our two young lovers, the two main characters of Lunargento’s THE CHURCH PALACE – A Love Story. After arriving at the hotel, they decide to go for a ride bike throught the city park near Porta San Pancrazio, a green oasis to enjoy under the shade of the trees, among fountains and relaxing walkings. The couple sit on the grass, have lunch and then lie down on a blanket: she falls asleep, he goes back to his childhood memories, when he was just a kid playing in the football team and a bike was his only way to move. A sudden storm forces them to go back to the hotel, riding their bikes through the rain.

Made in Italy: fashion, elegance and sensuality

the church palace fashion

Is there anything more romantic and exciting than a fashion show in a city that fully represents Italy’s fashion industry? Maybe not. However, there is no doubt that being a part of such amazing event is a one of the kind experience.

To appreciate a fine dress, it is not enough to have fine cloth and delicate colors.”

So the couple decide to stay for the fashion show, enjoying the designer’s creatoins, who has turned her tiny boutique into an elegant atelier and succeded in summarizing the work of a year in a few minutes show. Elegant, sophisticated dresses, the result of a detailed study of different styles and fabrics. But that’s not all: some students from IED had decorated the location with a play of lights and black and white projections on the walls. Glimpses of a fariy-tale like Rome, quite unsual, almost a dreamer.

Taking a boat trip to the Pontine Islands

The church palace itinerary

The following day the couple decide to go on a boat trip to Ponza. Uncombed hair moving with the sea wind, the fresh breeze on their skin, the strong embrace of two young lovers. From the The Church Palace the trip to one of the most beautiful island of the Tyrrhenian Sea is so short that Rome seems just few metres away. A place full of charm and history, where beautiful buildings, churches and archaelogical sites mix with breathtaking natural landscapes. The view is just outstanding: blue and green shades mingling towards the horizon, just like a beautiful canvas.

We decided to take a cofee at a bar near the pier, to start the day with energy. (…) A sailo of the islands accompanied us at the Lighthouse, which, from the cliff-top, indicated the way of safety to the mariners below.”