The Church Palace Hotel: the “Circus” restaurant

The Church Palace Hotel: the “Circus” restaurant

Have you ever thought about having beakfast inside a circus? A room with a real circus setting…stripe curtains, fake caged animals ready to start their show and the feeling that jugglers and trapezists are walking on ropes all around you, throwing balls and torches in the air, showing off their talent.

This is what could happen if you decide to spent the evening, or even a longer weekedn, at the The Church Palace Hotel, beautiful hotel in the heart of Rome, inside Villa Carpegna’s park, on Aurelia street.

The Church Palace Hotel, The Circus Resaturant room

In addition to the Nero Terrace Restaurant, this amazing hotel, newly renovated, offers another irresistable food place, the The Circus Restaurant. It’s a very peculiar room, with outstanding inner designs and furnitures, which cleary recalls the “circus theme”. Light colours, as the curtains fabrics and the paitings that decorate the walls, one of a kind pieces of furniture, precious archways with a 16th century style and a large room that can host up to 400 guests for the buffet. However, usually it’s used as breakfast room; the hotel guests will have the change of seeing it at the beggining of the day, while tasting a good cup of coffe and enjoying pastries, cakes, salty treats and fresh fruits.

The Circus Restaurant, The Church Palace Hotel design

But beside breakfast, The Circus Restaurant is the perfect location for special event, such as receptions and meetings. Dinner can take place sitting by the table, while the welcome cocktail can be planned in the Foyer The Circus, a space across from the main room that can host up to 200 standing people. It’s a beautiful and unusual “lounge”, with extraordinary design pieces, such as the motorcycle seen in the picture above. But the Foyer is certainly the ideal space for enjoying a drink with some friends and spent blissful hours in an elegant setting.