The Lavender Bouquet

The Lavender Bouquet

Symbolism and style of a lavender bouquet

Its name describes a very gentle and purplish tone, often used by those beautiful brides who are in love with elegance and with typical “country” shine, which inspires the flower after whose it was named.

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We are talking about the lavender bouquet, that coloured spike that blossoms between June and September, which fills us with wonder with its endless lilac fields, even when we find it inside wardrobes and drawers as it swarms with its fragrance our bed linen and clothes.

Lavender Bouquet, lavender wedding bouquet

In the language of flowers, to whom it’s important to pay attention while choosing any flower arrangement for every bride’s bouquet, the lavender has a double meaning: if on one hand it conveys “suspicion” (according to tradition it was used as antidote to snake bites, even if, paradoxically, its bushes were the perfect nest for these animals)  on the other it’s source of joyful memories.

The perfect bouquet calls for this intoxicating drop-down like flower, the main protagonist to every arrangement which privileges each hue of purple.

Lavender Bouquet

Because of its tapered aspect, the floral designer Patrizia Di Braida, imagines (and realizes) the lavender bouquet in a unique drop shape, embellished by precious ribbons ton sur ton, which recalls the richness and charm of damask and brocade fabrics, together with elegant velvet, perfectly suited for a bride from another time.