The Little Wedding House – the smallest hotel in the world

2.5 meters wide by 56 square meters of space, it is considered the smallest hotel in the world. It has got only two rooms, is located in Amberg – in Bavaria, and is called “The Little Wedding House”, or as the Germans say it: “Eh’häusl“.

The legend narrates that long time ago, around 1700, only the owners of a building were entitled to get married legally, so the humblest inhabitants were not allowed to celebrate it; until a young couple of lovers found a bureaucratic quirk and understood how to jump off the system. Thus, they built a house in the cramped space between two previous structures, declared it their own property, and finally celebrated their marriage. After solving the problem in this way, they helped many other indigent couples in the village by renting the upper floor of their little house.

To conclude, it is a real “love nest” that shows how the commitment and strength of two lovers can solve problems that seem unbeatable.

Even today some believe that spending the first night after the wedding here is a good omen for the newlyweds.