The most beautiful photoshooting ever: wedding in the Po Delta Regional Park

The most beautiful photoshooting ever: wedding in the Po Delta Regional Park

The most incredible day of my life? It’s difficult to choose one, I’m a girl who has seen a lot: I like strong emotions and going through challenges. I’m also a nature lover, and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful landscapes. However, I have to say that thinking about the day I met the love of my life still makes my heart beat. Yes, because fate wanted that me and my soul mate, my perfect half, met on a horse ride in the Po Delta Regional Park.

Horse ride in the woods

It was the first time for me there, and I was so excited by the saw of the warm-coloured autumn twilight, watching the sun sliding over the long natural landscape. It was in that moment that our eyes met, and we almost fell! Then, we found out we had much in common: we’re both sensitive to environmental issues, and we’re passionate about adventures and open-air activities! And then, the crucial moment arrived for me, too: we got married! When he asked for my hand I couldn’t stop the tears, but then, with a clear head, I was sure about one thing: I wanted a fairytale wedding.

Green wedding? Why not!

We have thought a lot about the perfect wedding: we don’t like boring traditional events, and we really couldn’t make up our minds. But one day, a shot in the dark: what if we got married right there, in the place where we met? It would be so romantic. Since we are so passionate about environment, our wedding must have been eco-friendly. After a good research, we discovered it was possible: we chose a kilometre zero menu, stunning clothes made with natural fibres for both us and the bridesmaids, and as wedding favours we chose some little silver vases with succulents in them. It was an incredible experience, and now I’m here to tell you about it.

Po Delta Landscape

The location

It was really difficult finding the location to finally crown our love, but in the end we didn’t have any doubts: Villa Anconetta, an ancient Country House situated in the park, which has been now renovated and made an agritourism! I must admit that one of the most important features of this place was the stunning park surrounding it: the perfect place to make a fairytale photoshooting! We called a wedding photographer and now there’s nothing I love more than watching pictures of that magic day.

Sunset, couple on the shore

In my dress of linen, portraited on the shore, I looked like an “anguana”, a typical nymph of the mytology of that place. My beloved Loris was really handsome in his dark dress, kissed by the sunlight. The flowery arch made up for the ceremony was perfect, but here’s the kicker: I decided to make my way down the aisle on a horse, just like the day we met! Between applauses and tears of joy, exchanging vowes there, with our voices broken by emotion, was really beautiful.

The Regional Park

The park is really incredible and undiscovered. That silence, interrupted only by the sound of the river and by the singing of the birds, the cottages for fishers, and far in the landscape you can see fields, because it is a drained and fertile soil used for agricolture. The more you get near the see, the colour of the land change, from black to pearl gray. All of these beauties surely didn’t go unnoticed, and our guest congratulated with us for the perfect choice of the place, and many of them decided to go back there to try some of the activities you can do there, like birdwatching or sailing on the river with a boat.

The lunch

For the lunch we moved inside the restaurant, that was set up just for us with white tablecloths and table centerpieces made of white roses. Then we chose a typical fish menu: spaghetti with clams and radicchio rice, grilled eel, radicchio wraps, fried shrimps and white polenta, and as a dessert a delicious tiramisu, to honor the semplicity and the traditions of Veneto. Nothing made me happier that seeing my guests satisfied while eating food of the land where I found my soul.

Wedding Banquet

I have no words to describe that magic moment, that now, after a couple of month, I remember like a little window of dream on the everyday routine that we are trying to set up in our new life together (but without giving up our excursions!). Po Delta Regional Park is a stunning place, and I hope everyone can spend there unforgettable moments just like mine.