Love me in Tuscany. The vow renewal in Arezzo and Sansepolcro

Love me in Tuscany. The vow renewal in Arezzo and Sansepolcro

Tuscany is like a mother, who never stops loving us and at the same time, astounds us for the amount of love and beauty that she’s able to give us.

The slow, relaxing rhythm of going to village by village in Tuscany perfectly adapts to what we were searching for our vow renewal holiday. Every village adjusts to the surrounding nature and at the same time produces an architectural and civil layout which is functional for everyday life.  The curves of the roads follow the gentle form of the hills, as if they wanted to caress them.

The vow renewal Arezzo and Sansepolcro. couple

We arrive at Sansepolcro, an intimate village, fascinating and secret, out of the usual itineraries. In an enchanting amphitheater of mountains, the city dominates Tiber’s Alta Valle, Its character of authentic pearl of history can be found in the walls and in the fortress built by Giuliano da Sangallo by will of Medici, that enclose the old town, rich in Renaissance and Medieval palaces. We immerse in the Civic Museum, where Piero della Francesca‘s paintings returns to us a flawless image of Sansepolcro, close to the ideal city the courts of the time used to talk about. Stunned in front of his Madonna del Parto, a place of pilgrimage for brides to propitiate births, we feel moved, remembering our children’s ones.

Sansepolcro surprises us for its ancient mysterious character: the Aboca Museum envelops our senses with its aromas of healing herbs, the same aromas that alchemists over the centuries must have used to shape what nature offers us. Between ampoules and alembics, we are interested to read the curiosities of a subject which is so close to magic as it is modern. We notice, laughing, that our love never needed filters and potions.

The vow renewal Arezzo and Sansepolcro. arezzo loggia

The day after, in Arezzo, we realize that it is the first Saturday of the month: the city is crawled with stands of ancient and modern objects. Arezzo’s Fiera Antiquaria is the most famous fair of this type in Italy. The sellers are so kind and prepared that we let them convince us to buy a historic print, that we already imagine to be perfect on our fireplace. Strolling through corso Italia, we reach the church of Santa Maria della Pieve. What strikes us about this building are its very rich facade, fitted with little columns, all of them different, the imposing Romanic tower bell and the apsis that adorns piazza Grande with a timeless refinement. To complete the enchantment of the square, the Loggiato Vasariano, near the Medieval towers, and the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici, halfway between Gothic and Renaissance.

We hear that Piero della Francesca painted masterpieces here too: the frescos of the main cathedral don’t leave us disappointed. Mary Magdalene observes us, majestic, and silently tells us a century-old history. Not yet tired of Arezzo’s beauties, our breathe is taken away by Cimabue‘s mastery in portraying Christ’s sufferance on the Cross, conserved in the cathedral of San Domenico.

Is there a corner in Tuscany that doesn’t preserve history, that is not permeated with art? To immerse in its villages and its landscapes looks like a dream we don’t want to wake up to.

The vow renewal Arezzo and Sansepolcro. arezzo square

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