Love me in Toscana. The vow renewal: Grosseto

Love me in Toscana. The vow renewal: Grosseto

“After years of marriage, she dreams of relaxing holiday, a romantic escape with her husband to re-discover the love of their youth.”

I smile at Camille while we arrive at Grosseto, and by the way she exchanges my smile I realize that I am making her very happy. We finally could carve out some time for us two, alone. Tuscany smiles at us too and welcomes us, pleased to see us again after so much time.

“We came to Tuscany many years ago. Our honeymoon was in Italy and after twenty-five years we decide to return because this region has brought us a lot of luck.”

Getting closer to the sea, Maremma softens in a languid plain, once occupied by lake Prile, almost completely disappeared today. We leave our car out of Grosseto’s old town and we feel almost intimidated by the imposing walls that still encircle the city, one of the few in Italy to preserve their ancient protection. Are we sure Tuscany is really welcoming us? But the hexagonal Medici walls was turned into a walkway by Lorraine in the XIX century and they actually enclose harmless wooded parks now. While we visit the area hand in hand, we notice the splendid Medieval structures left, the Porta Vecchia and the donjon, that result to be incorporated, together with the Porta Santa Lucia, to the sixteenth-century structure in perfect harmony. Yes, Tuscany is welcoming us, we are sure.

Grosseto seemed to meet our tastes: love for art and history, my passions, and for nature, all of Camille. We decided to visit the city right away, and thus we reach Piazza Dante, or Piazza delle Catene, the heart of the old town. Immediately we are struck by the nineteenth-century San Lorenzo cathedral’s facade, that replaces the fourteenth-century original one. The beautiful red marble alternates to the white one in a Romantic taste tending to the Gothic. Going inside, we notice that here too the cathedral underwent modifications and renovations during the centuries, and was able to evolve and adapt to the various style gracefully.

 The vow renewal: Grosseto

Another symbol of the square is Palazzo Aldobrandeschi for sure, building of the Province. But we don’t let its aspect Medieval appearance fool us: the palace was inaugurated in 1903, and distinguishes itself for the Gothic revival style of the facade. It almost looks like a little castle to us, and I take some pictures of Camille while she poses as a princess. I smile, thinking that we still can have fun like kids even after so many years.

After a grilled Maremma steak, that we taste in a small restaurant with a glass of excellent local wine in one hand, I convince Camille to visit the Archaeological Museum with me. I see her eyes surrender to curiosity and light up in the museum’s rooms while she observes the surprising archaeological finds of Maremma, and in particular of Roselle.

The archaeological area of the ancient city, 10 km away from Grosseto, awaits us the day after. We are left speechless for the beauty of the Roman and Etruscan ruins extending in front of us. We are particularly struck by the Roman amphitheater, still used to host events, thanks to its perfect acoustics, and the thermal baths, on the northern hillside. Closing our eyes, we almost feel like two nobles from the past, who frequent the thermal baths and live in a fervent and flourishing city, overlooking a lake that will make way for a lush plain then.

We spend the afternoon strolling along the beach of Marina di Grosseto, benefitting from the mild climate. Camille wants to see the Maremma Natural Park tomorrow, and she asks me whether I prefer walking the paths by foot, renting a bike or going for a romantic horseback ride. She can’t wait, I get it from how her cheeks blush in that funny way I know so well. Tuscany welcomed us again, it’s true, and it did it in the best way it could: renewing our enthusiasm for living unforgettable experiences together.


 The vow renewal: Grosseto

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