The zodiac brides: Sagittarius

The zodiac brides: Sagittarius

The woman born under the Sagittarius sign is the traditionalist par excellence, so, in such an important occasion, it is mandatory to her to follow the classic wedding rituals, without distorting her style, but respecting every rule of the etiquette. Thus, the Sagittarius bride will love wearing something old, something that belonged to a grandmother like a precious family jewel, and her biggest challenge will be to try to match everything in order to leave her guests speechless.

Classic, wide, bouffant: a beautiful embroidered skirt with a long train, with the precious bustier and a veil with a tall laced border. Maybe a tiara on the head too, to complete the hairstyle. The Sagittarius bride is the one that, more than anyone else, will remain faithful to her childhood dreams and will choose a dress that will really make her feel like a princess, elegant but stunning at the same time.

Red roses, or in the purple shade, bordeaux, lilies of a intense yellow, fuchsia gerberas. Whichever the chosen flower is, the Saggittarius bride will prefer strong colors, that stands out from all arrangements and decorations.

The zodiac brides: the Sagittarius bride

Keyword, sensuality. Since the Sagittarius bride loves traditions, why not wearing a beautiful laced guêpière on the wedding night? A refined lace, with an elaborate texture.

Precious thing 
The stones symbolizing Sagittarius are the turquoise, the lapis lazuli or the zapphyr, therefore all in the shades of light blue and blue. Gems that lend the Sagitarius bride wisdom, character, ability of discerning. Considering that every bride can’t miss “something blue” that is said to bring luck, in this case one can choose a beautiful jewel or a vintage pendant.

Extremely long and marked eyelashes. Well defined eyes. A clean face illuminated by a blush. The Sagittarius bride will result beautiful with a natural makeup with a sheer effect.

Decolletés with a high heel, in white satin. The Sagittarius bride will love feeling safe and comfortable in a pair of shoes which is classic but still elegant and coherent to her wedding dress.