#TheFerragnez: Italian most social wedding

#TheFerragnez: Italian most social wedding

A couple of months after the English royal wedding, Italy is also preparing to celebrate the most awaited wedding of the year. The queen of Instagram, Chiara Ferragni and the rapper Fedez, will get married on September 1st, 2018. It is going to be a real media event, very social but above all very romantic! And like any great fairytale wedding, there are many ideas that you may copy for your Italian wedding. Then, between some hashtags and many stories, here are some of the ideas stolen from the two Italian influencers to inspire you! So, ready to be the next #BrideToBe?


From #ChiaraTakesIbiza to Sicily

While the fashion blogger chose “La Isla” for the bachelorette party to take place, the wedding location will be Italian. In the southern island of Italy, where the bride’s mum was born, the town of Noto (Syracuse) stands out. The young couple is going to celebrate their wedding exactly there: the warmth of eastern Sicily, the citrus scents and the heath of the late summer rays of sun.

Ferragni wedding

This location is the perfect union between history and nature: on one side the historic center, called “the capital of the Baroque”, with many ancient monuments and Italian artworks. The harmony of their shapes is enchanting and their architectures reach the perfection. On the other side, the gentle hills on which the town lies, are joined with sandy beaches and flow into the crystalline sea.
What may one desire most? You can both take the traditional photos with your relatives in these baroque pearls and then a romantic photoshooting in the nature.

Are you thinking about Sicily as a location for your wedding? Here are some ideas for the menu!


“Coachella wedding style”: music and flower power

Chiara Ferragni made an unique request to her wedding planner: transforming the Sicilian location into Coachella, the most glamorous Californian festival ever. Live music and entertainment will lead the party after the cerimony. Turning the location into a significant place for the bride and also into a funny location for all the guest: it is an original idea to copy! What’s better to celebrate love? Dancing, singing and playing all together by the sea. In addition, this will also be a way to end the summer happily. Finally, it will be a perfect way to have an unforgettable memory of your day.

Ferragni weddingOf course, bringing a piece of California to your wedding is not so common but the idea of ​​fun, lightheartedness and joy is perfect for all the wedding celebrations. For example, you can use colored balloons, lots of flowers and a deejay set to make the party start!


Less traditions in the social era

If you choose the South of Italy as the location for your wedding, you will take a dip into tradition. Customs are carefully preserved here, from the delicious typical Mediterranean menu to the city centers, where you can feel the history in the air. In particular, according to traditional marriages, the celebrations extend to many days. The two Instagram influencers seem to have respected this tradition with the musical festival! But they will not do the same with the wedding’s confidentiality. In fact, lots of stories, posts and directs will invade the Instagram feeds of all their followers!

Could this be a way to save money on the photographer? Well, it’s unlikely. Rather, this is simply their way of being!
But when tradition calls, the photographer is essential to capture the best moments. Above all, let’s face it, an IG story lasts 24 hours but a wedding photo collection… lasts forever!


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Ferragni wedding

Cover Photo by IG @chiaraferragni

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