Timeless elegance and luxury: wedding in a country house in Veneto

Timeless elegance and luxury: wedding in a country house in Veneto

Not many people can say their wedding was exactly how they imagined it. Everyone wants the perfect location, ceremony – and most of all the perfect husband! In this kind of events there’s a lot of pressure and many things to organize. Often you have to compromise and in the end not everything goes as expected. Believe it or not, I’m one of the lucky ones. You want to know how I made it? I chose to celebrate my wedding in a country house in Veneto.

Country House Wedding - Ph. credits: ©Nicola DaLio
Ph. credits: ©Nicola DaLio

The idea of celebrating our wedding in a country house in Veneto came to me in a cold November evening, while I was reading a depliant. I imagined myself in a white dress while saying “yes” in the flowered park of one of these houses, in the september breeze, when it’s still hot but trees are beginning to turn red and orange. I told James about my idea and he was happy with that! We didn’t need to go crazy finding big spaces for all our friends and families, because the country house offered all the space we needed for the big party we thought about. So, we started looking for the perfect country house.

Wedding in a country house: which one to choose?

We visited many of them, and we found houses of any kind: old castles, enchanted mansions, elegant and luxurious ones, built in neogothic or ancient roman style.

villa widmann-rezzonico, country house in Veneto

In the end, the one who stole our heart was Villa Wedmann Rezzonico Foscari. Situated in Mira, and composed by colonnade and sunday house, it was truly the most beautiful house we’ve ever seen.

The ceremony

So, the 6th of September we got married. It was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to celebrate our wedding outside. We put a beautiful flowery arch in the garden and many chairs: we had almost 200 guests! Despite the sun warming the atmosphere, we could already feel the autumn in the air, exactly how I imagined it.When I saw James waiting for me at the altar, I almost fainted: he was more handsome than ever, and in his black dress seemed an actor on the red carpet. I’ve never had any doubt on him, but in that moment I understood I didn’t want to be anywhere else with anybody else: I would have married him 100 times more, there, among coloured leaves and a string quartet playing for us.

Violin playing, music quartet

Wedding banquet

After the ceremony, everybody was waiting for the lunch! We called a catering, and chose a typical fish menu of the area: appetizer with baccalà mantecato alla veneziana, oysters, squid ink pasta, octopus alla veneziana and scampi. For dessert, I chose a huge tiramisu made of savoyard biscuits, the first (and last one!) I learnt to cook for James. Everything served with Prosecco DOCG from Valdobbiadene! It was awesome eating in the huge Sala Widmann, with tablecloths and decorations just like the details of my dress. There was an elegant and ancient atmosphere, but cozy and familiar at the same time, so everyone felt comfortable with it.

Walking through the house: luxury and nature

After that, the guests had the possibility to relax discovering the Veneto country house. Someone decided to explore the park, admiring the statues and the nature. Someone else had fun exploring the terrace and chatting under the gazebo. And someone preferred walking through the antique rooms, and sit on the sofas chatting. We have been told that during our wedding many people started new friendship, and flirts too! Maybe we’ll attend another wedding in a country house soon…

Wedding in a countryhouse - Villa Vescovi Luvignano

The Party

When the explorations were over, we started the party! We went on the old big greenhouse, which now has been renewed and prepared for parties and ceremonies, and we danced and partied all night I will keep this day in my heart forever, Veneto is a beautiful land full of surprises. The guests had a lot of fun and many of them sent us cards to say thank you for the beautiful experience. They told us they are glad we didn’t have to move from a place to another (because it’s stressing for both spouses and guests!). They didn’t get bored and the big spaces of the country house were perfect to relax and restore energies between the banquet and the party.

country house wedding - party in the garden

In conclusion, now I found this winning combination for beautiful events without any complications, I look forward to organize some other party in a country house in Veneto: I want to explore them all and living them as much as I can, diving in the past and in their endless elegance.