Tremiti Islands, “the Adriatic Pearl”

Tremiti Islands, “the Adriatic Pearl”

Sea, sky and love: welcome to the Tremiti islands

About 20 km away from Gargano emerge five little pieces of land, the Tremiti islands, surrounded by the endless blue sea. San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa give birth to this majestic archipelago, which is called “The Adriatic pearl”, not for nothing.

There are all the characteristics that an unique natural landscape requires: clear sea, rocky coasts, luxuriant nature… a true piece of heaven, which conferred the blue flag award upon the Tremiti islands. But that’s not all: the morphological variety of the area is astonishing.

The Tremiti islands breath-taking landscapes can be admired from the rocky coast, as well as from the lower and more accessible ones and from the sandy and wild beaches, from the bays and the suggestive caves and the rock in the middle of the sea.

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Your romantic holiday in the Tremiti islands

That romantic weekend far away from the city daily routine, that perfect summer holiday, that relaxing and fun honeymoon, that long-awaited trip with your partner… the Tremiti islands represents the perfect mix between romanticism and beauty that your heart desires.

Every island has its own traits, its own nuances. There’s San Domino island, the biggest one, whose luxuriant vegetation makes it the most beautiful natural island.

San Nicola island represents the archipelago soul and it is full of monuments, towers, fortifications, walls and churches: truly an architectural and historical heritage suited to “intellectual” couples. Cretaccio, Capraia and Pianosa are uninhabitated: the first one is a little bigger than a rock, the second one is covered by colored flowers and the last one is part of the Marine Park. A pristine nature reserve nowhere to be found.

Let’s have a look at the couple activities awaiting!

Beaches and more beaches

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The widest and most famous beach is certainly “Cala delle Arene”, a combination of thin sand and clear sea. “Cala Matano” instead, a rocky coast overlooking the sea, is the ideal destination for the bravest ones. Cala Rotonda is little and looks like a tiny lake. It is possible then to rent some bikes and enjoy a daily hike along the coast.

Boat trips
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Thanks to their caves and bays, the Tremiti islands represent the perfect destination for boat rides where to sunbathe and enjoy the wind between the hair surrounded by stunning landscapes. The Viole cave, the Bue Marino cave, the Rondinelle cave and San Domino Elefant point, which remembers the animal shape, can be considered some of the most beautiful marine caves of the islands.

Every couple’s obliged destination? The Cave of Love, of course!