Bride’s Zodiac: Twin 2017 Horoscope

Bride’s Zodiac: Twin 2017 Horoscope

Twin Horoscope May 2017:

The “evolutionist” bride

Lively, curious, enemies of boredom, the brides born under the Twin sign (from the 22nd May to the 21st June) are used to live with their “double personality”. Are they gonna behave properly at least on their wedding day and choose only one dress?

Twin Horoscope may 2017


With a natural inclination to “make a show”, the Twin bride could take everyone by surprise with what seems at firts sight a quite simple dress; a very romantic lacy bustier but with a skirt longer on the bottom, just to add a little more fun to the outfit.
(Beatrice dress design – Alessandra Rinaudo)


According to the language of flowers, the one which better symbolizes the double soul of the Twin bride is the lilium. A pure, elegant flower, which perfectly embodies that mix of strenght, care and beauty. A total white bouquet with just that pop of colour of the liliums could be the perfect solution to balance a quite eccentric outfit.


Always on the looking for new adverntures and challenges, the Twin bride doesn’t ever set for daily life and already seen things. In love as in fashion.
(Lacy bralette by Intimissimi)


The stones always attached to the twin bride are the ones which recall the planet of theri sign, Mercurio. Tons of yellow and orangish stones then, from the most precious to the less pricey ones. Especially the topaz can motivate your own spiritualy and help  to keep in check that emotionality of yours.

 (Gold bracelet with diamods and quartz by Salvini)



The fresh and bubbly scent of the green lemon is the one fragance that better suites the Twin bride; just a drop and she will feel the tropical atmoshpere of her honeymoon destination surrounding her!
(Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde di Guerlain)


The Twin bride’s make up can only be sparkling: a very neutral and matte base with bold sexy lips and shimmery eyelids.
(Ombretto The Loose Shimmer Shadow (Rose Quartz) di Kevyn Aucoin)


High heel sandals with a strong personality: the perfect shoes choice discretly hidden  under the wedding dress of the Twin bride. A real disclaimer of indipendence and freedom, always her strongest features.
(Sandali bicolor in suede Aquazzura)