Umbria & Tuscany wedding destinations

Umbria & Tuscany wedding destinations

Fall in love in Italy: Umbria & Tuscany wedding destinations

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Love me in Italy, in collaboration with the Region of Umbria and Region of Tuscany, presents

Umbria & Tuscany wedding destinations

November 8th, 6:30 pm

an exciting new project that is geared towards those who want to feel romantic, get married, honeymoon or renew their vows in these beautiful Central Italy Regions.

The opportunity to present the tourist offer of the two regions is the World Travel Market in London, the world’s biggest event of the business-to-business in the travel industry.

At the Marylebone Hotel inn Welbeck Street, Lee Marshall, well-known journalist of Umbrian origins, welcomes those present by telling the beautiful wedding destinations in the heart of Italy.

From castles clinging to the silent hills and fertile; from Baroque churches to Renaissance stately homes; by pristine forests to the verdant plains; a journey through art, culture, spirituality and crafts, Italy told by those who live it every day.


Accompanying the presentation, in addition to the staff of the Umbria and Tuscany regions, the staff Love me in Italy.

The meeting is a unique networking opportunity for wedding planners, photographers, travel agents, operators of the sector, but also food writers and travel bloggers.

And to close the meeting will not miss a convivial moment: a selection of food and wines of Umbria and Tuscany we will be offered to participants as yet another testimony of quality.

Because the initiative exclusivity, participation is open by invitation only. Tickets are free and available until November 7 on eventbrite.