Unforgettable moments on the Grand Canal: the Westin Europa & Regina Hotel in Venice

Unforgettable moments on the Grand Canal: the Westin Europa & Regina Hotel in Venice

Westin Europa & Regina Hotel - private table

The Westin Europa & Regina is a 5-star hotel overlooking the Grand Canal of Venice. The Hotel consists of old buildings, whose 185 rooms and suites will make you relive the classic style of Venetian eighteenth-century . The surroundings are very fascinating: the Grand Canal overlooking the baroque church of Santa Maria della Salute, Punta della Dogana, St. Mark’s Square.

What is striking about this hotel is that you can make your day or moments unforgettable and lived according to your own personal tastes, with a choice of rooms and places where celebrate your wedding or spend romantic moments.

Inside the hotel there are the Grand Salone and Canaletto room available for 110 guests. In summer you can, instead, live the romantic atmosphere of Venice and see the gondolas sliding on the water from the Grand Terrace and the Regina Terrace. The Westin Europa & Regina can satisfy even those who prefer a more intimate ceremony, celebrating the wedding in the Top Canal, a large private room inside the restaurant La Cusina which offers a view of the Grand Canal at 180 degrees.

Those who want total privacy can celebrate on the private terrace of the suites, assisted by a private butler.

And for couples who want only to have a romantic dinner on the terrace, the hotel offers a table reserved only for them.

The Westin Europa & Regina

San Marco 2159

30124 Venezia

Tel. +39 041 2400001


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