In the unique Sassi of Matera (Basilicata Region) the hotel Sextantio

In the unique Sassi of Matera (Basilicata Region) the hotel Sextantio

Sextantio Hotel Matera - room

A unique and ambitious project: in the caves of Matera’s Sassi is the hotel Sextantio, in a UNESCO heritage area with an ancient and charming taste.

The basic idea of this hotel  is to make the caves inhabited again through a conservation project that does not spoil  the soul of these places. The  nineteen rooms are almost all built inside the caves. It has been used only recycled architectural material of this geographic area and the interior furnishings are almost all original. For beds are used hand-woven blankets, in some cases rebuilt respecting the original model. There are some technological elements, but they are placed in order to blend into the room.

It is possible to dine at Sextantio in an abandoned church by candlelight, music in the background and fireplace, very romantic! And for newlyweds Sextantio organizes  the reception, the civil or religious marriage in the Sassi of Matera and much more. A wedding planner will be available to them.

Matera is an ideal destination for couples, because at night it is even more magical thanks to many lights that light up. Matera has inspired several writers and directors who set in the “Second Bethlehem”  films inspired by sacred history, such as Mel Gibson with the film “The Passion”.

Sextantio is not only this: the hotel is also in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Abruzzo. Stay tuned to find out this location very soon!


 Via Civita 28 (Sasso Barisano) 75100 Matera

Tel.+39 0835 332744

Mobile/Whatsapp: +39 347 5216592



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