Interview to Jessica Ciaffarini, creator of Unusual Bouquet

Interview to Jessica Ciaffarini, creator of Unusual Bouquet

A modern artist: Jessica Ciaffarini, creator of Unusual Bouquet, tells us how she creates a bridal bouquet with alternative materials and without cutting any flower.

Did you think the bridal bouquet could be made of flowers only? Did you think that the only way to preserve it in the years was to make it dry slowly, without the certainty of obtaining a good result? Well, you were wrong! Bouquets now can be made of many different materials, and Jessica Ciaffaini, founder of Unusual Bouquet, will tell us about it. A great talent and a great passion that allow her to shape metals, paper flowers, buttons, gems in order to create unique bouquets, customized and destined to remain untouched during time.

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– Jessica, what is Your art and how was this passion born?
My art is to create everything they ask me to… For now, I had no problems doing it 🙂 My passion was born when I saw the first alternative bouquets in the net. Since then, I wanted to embark on a new world but in my way.
I love expressing myself in what I do, always proposing “her own” boquet to every bride.
I like challenges and I don’t back out of new proposals.
I think that this is the right spice Unusual Bouquet needs.
The specific field I work in is the wedding industry, so I create bridal bouquets that can be real flowers’ reproductions or modern artworks.
When I bump into the realization of particular artworks, I use various kinds of material such as Legos, buttons, metals like brass and copper and everything that can inspire me.

– So, how an alternative bouquet is made without cutting flowers and being destined to wither?
An Unusual Bouquet of mine is realized through several materials shaped until reaching the desired result.
These materials can be cloth, paper, hot working of silk, that is often adopted in fashion.
Furthermore, there are many other materials that give the great opportunity to lend a touch of originality to one’s bouquet, maintaining the elegance and originality that a wedding needs.
I am talking about buttons, Lego bricks and gems and metals too.

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– Which are the materials you use the most to realize a bouquet?
Legos undoubtedly. The Lego bouquet is a creation that brought me huge satisfaction. Projected by me, this creation was so successful that a second version was required.
Another material I use a lot is eva paper. When it is worked well, the results it gives are similar to real flowers.
And then paper, used a lot and appreciated by brides because it’s green.

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– Where do You take new ideas to propose to the bride to be that turns to You from? Or maybe is the bride who propose something unusual or different?
Brides are my muses. Through their requests and their stories they trasmit me the image of their bouquet. Then we elaborate it with a sketch on colorful paper, then the realization. This is the only way to obtain a creation 100% belonging to the bride.

– How much time does the realization of an alternative bouquet require? And beyond that, can accessories like wedding rings pillows or other elements of wedding arrangement be matched?
It depends on the kind of working and the size of the bouquet. In addition, coordinated accessories like buttonholes, the wedding rings pillow or the bouquet for tossing can often be matched.
Let’s say that if only the bridal bouquet must be realized, I should be contacted two months before the wedding day. This way, I have all the time to coordinate with the bride and find the materials.
Generally I only concentrate on the creation of accessories, like the wedding rings pillow, but some times I also realized the wedding arrangement.

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– How is the typical bride that turns to You to have an unusual bouquet?
The bride that doesn’t like cut flowers indeed , that wants something original and save the environment. Today wedding panorama is changing a lot and even if we live in a traditional country, people fancy changes and more original things more and more. Above all, there is great attention to the wallet, therefore they choose things that can last in time and therefore become design objects for their house.

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