Abano Terme: Valentine’s Day at the AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel

Abano Terme: Valentine’s Day at the AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel

“To me, you are like water. I can no longer live without you”. This sentence made me fall in love with him.
Today, 25 years later, I still feel like the girl who smiles as soon as someone pronounces his name. The difference is that after so many birthdays and anniversaries, I got tired of gifts like turtleneck sweaters or the latest running shoes.
This year, for Valentine’s Day, I decided for something different: a few days of relaxation to help us regenerate physically and psychologically.

We had been talking about Italy and its art cities for a long time. Given the occasion, I wanted to spend a few days in Verona or Venice, the cities of love and lovers par excellence. After a quick research on the internet, I found the perfect hotel, situated in a strategic position in the popular Abano Terme (exactly halfway between Venice and Verona) and offering many packages for Valentine’s Day. Bingo!

Excited, I immediately booked the “Valentine’s Day… and more” package on the AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel website.


AbanoRitz, surrounded by love

We have just arrived. We walk down the elegant avenue to the hall and I already feel good: that’s what nature does to me! The magnolias surrounding the entrance are majestic and evergreen.

The hotel staff is about to show us our rooms. As soon as the door opens, the light spreads around us, giving us an incredible feeling of tranquility. Blue is the main color, while the golden details embellish the room making it cozy and classy at the same time.

Tired because of the long trip, but happy to finally be here, we sit on the bed. The sheets are soft and smell clean. Andrew gives me a glass of Prosecco and raises a toast. It feels like being on a second honeymoon!
I tell him my thoughts and we laugh, remembering together the best moments of our story between a sip of wine and a fresh strawberry.

AbanoRitz room



After passing by the White Gloves Restaurant and tasting the delicacies of the AbanoRitz’s daily menu, we are ready for Verona. It takes just an hour and we arrive in the city that made immortal the love of Romeo and Juliet.
The grandeur of the Arena conquers us, as well as the charm of the historic center with its narrow streets and alleys crossed by thousands of fascinated eyes, including our own.

We go hand in hand towards the House of Juliet, where a massive wrought-iron gate introduces to the hallway where lovers leave a trace of their love. Like the other couples, we also engrave our initials surrounded by a heart.

Before returning to the hotel, we decide to have dinner in Piazza dei Signori. Being here still doesn’t seem true to me.



It’s morning. Andrew wakes me up kissing my forehead. «Happy Valentine’s Day, my love».
After a great breakfast, it’s time to get ready for Venice. Only forty-five minutes by car: I’m so happy to have made the right choice.

With a map in the hands and our eyes focused on the many signs showing the way to follow, we walk down “Strada Nova” in the direction of St. Mark’s Square. The windows are full of masks and Murano glass objects, gondolas slowly proceed in the canals. Everything looks exactly like the romantic comedies that Netflix always recommends me. This time, however, the main character is me!

I inhale deeply the sparkling air of Venice: I feel free and carefree. In front of our eyes the magnificence of St. Mark’s Square with its bell tower, the clock tower and the basilica. How much splendor!

«Stop like this, look at me». I turn to him and smile.
«Now wave at me and send me a kiss». I follow the instructions of my husband, who likes to act like a director while he is framing me with his cell phone. It was a long time since I felt this complicity between us.


The warmth of the water

The sun hasn’t completely set yet, and we are already back at the hotel. We want to try the famous thermal waters we’ve been told about so many times by our friends. We leave our towels on the chaise longue and dive slowly. The warmth of the water seems to caress my skin at first, and then to become part of it.

The day goes between a swim in the pool and a bath in the whirlpool. I have the feeling that the time around me has stopped.
«Shall we also try the sauna?» I look at Andrew enthusiastically.
«Tomorrow: there’s no hurry».

Once back in our room, I find a red rose next to a rolled up piece of paper tied with a ribbon. Just like when he proposed to me, 25 years ago.
My eyes drop a tear. I hug him tight, then unroll the ticket: “Thanks for the wonderful gift, you are my favorite river, full of life and always on the move. I love you”.


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