Vegetarian wedding in Liguria

Vegetarian wedding in Liguria

Liguria, land with many facets, is an idyllic setting for the most important day of your life. With its rugged mountains  ending in beautiful coastline, Liguria is witness of the passage of ancient peoples coming from the sea. The work of man, through the centuries, allowed the creation of seaside villages that made the Riviera Ligure one the most fascinating of Italy. When the sun goes down, the beautiful sunsets make this land even more picturesque. It’s a perfect setting for organizing a wonderful and authentic vegetarian wedding.


Ligurian vegetarian cuisine

Ligurian cuisine is rich in vegetarian dishes. The dished are traversed by the scent of basil, which along with oil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmigiano Reggiano becomes Pesto. Pesto sauce is the traditional sauce of ligurian cuisine and accompanies trofie, trennette and many varieties of pasta.


the food product of this region are ideal for a great vegetarian wedding. Triumph the buns, the chickpea porridge, pies artichoke, asparagus and mushrooms. Among the tasty appetizers stands Panissa, sort of Polenta made up with chickpea flour and then fried. Queen of fillings is the Pasqualina cake stuffed with cheese, herbs, eggs, covered with 20 or even 33 sheet. Inimitable is the Focaccia di Recco composed of melted cheese between two thin layers of pasta, a unique taste that has made it famous worldwide. Liguria is also a land of olive groves and vineyards from which are obtained olive taggiasche, extra virgin oil and wine.


Traditional sweets

The sweets of Liguria have a long and famous tradition. Among the many ligurian dessert, we can find Canestrelli, Baci di Alassio, Amaretti di Sassello and the renowned Pandolce di Genova. Pandolce is the classic ligurian sweet, it’s also known in United Kingdom and USA as “Genoa Cake”; naturally leavened and enriched with candied fruits and pine nuts is a great tasting artisan product. Certainly you won’t leave unsatisfied your guests at your vegetarian wedding.


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Ligurian cuisine is wise and tasty, born and passed down through the generation in this beautiful Mediterranean land. It’s a perfect place to discover, eat, love enjoying the sound of  waves hitting rocks. Plan your vegetarian wedding in Liguria! remember your guests want more than anything to live a day that reflects you.