Veneto region gives the wedding trends 2020

Veneto region gives the wedding trends 2020

Are you getting married next year in Veneto and are you struggling with the organization of your wedding? Maybe you don’t know, but your choice is one of the coolest locations for 2020 weddings. In fact, this region offers many ideas on the news and trends of 2020 weddings! What style will the bride dresses have? What about the groom’s suit? What colors will be in vogue? And the most popular decorations?

Eco-friendly, minimal and green: these are the three keywords. Whether you are at the beginning or in the middle of the organization of your big day, here is all you need to know to have a trendy wedding in Veneto. Ready for a super cool wedding?

Pastel-colored micro-wedding

The American trend of micro-weddings also arrives into our beautiful country. The 2020 weddings will be intimate and confidential, with a reduced number of guests. The reason? Put the couple at the center and make them live a unique and unforgettable experience. This trend is also followed by future married couples who celebrate their wedding in the farmhouses on the amazing Prosecco hills. Indeed, these intimate, rustic and chic locations that dominate the romantic hilly landscape, a UNESCO heritage site, are increasingly in vogue.

If you are still undecided about the predominant color of your wedding, here are the next trends. The new pastel shades protagonists of the 2020 weddings are mauve, neo mint green and cassis pink. These fresh and delicate tones will perfectly match your summer reception in the large garden of a historic Palladian Villa, just a few steps from Padua. Imagine the fascinating combination of the colors of your banquet decorations, the walls of the elegant villa in the background and the nature that surrounds you.

The bride’s dress is minimal chic and embellished with Burano lace

The wedding dress is always the undisputed protagonist. 2020 wants it minimal but still romantic. And even this year, lace will be a must. And what decoration can make your dress unique, if not the precious Burano lace? In fact, on the Venetian island, this ancient tradition allows brides from all over the world to wear fascinating and original wedding dresses. In short, a must to keep up with the 2020 wedding trends!

Such an exclusive dress must be combined with equally regal shoes. The suitable wedding shoes are on the Riviera del Brenta, the most famous area for the production of luxury shoes. In fact, between Vicenza and Padua, you will find the only right decolleté for your dress.

Arabesque decorations give the groom the class of a Venetian doge

The classic and timeless colors such as black, midnight blue and anthracite gray will also be on the scene in 2020 for the groom’s suits. But next year, even men will dare with colors, such as burgundy, dark green or pink. Arabesque or floral prints on groom’s cloths are also in vogue. Only with a such important decorations on his suit, your man will feel comfortable among the Venetian palaces. He will walk by your side like a doge did with his lady, while together you will enjoy the timeless charm of the Venice lagoon.

“Green” decorations: the fallen Vaia trees become design party favors

The trend of ‘green’ weddings is growing thanks to the attention of safeguarding our planet. That’s why future married couples will choose decorations and details with zero environmental impact. A few examples? Invitations made with recycled or recyclable paper and plastic free banquets. Are you wondering what eco friendly party favors will look like? The wood obtained from trees fallen after the Vaia storm (which took place in the north of Veneto in 2018) is transformed and gives life to creative design objects. Your guests will appreciate not only their beauty, but, above all, its double symbolic value.

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