Villa del Bono, romantic villa among the hills

Villa del Bono, romantic villa among the hills


Villa del Bono Cremella: beautiful setting for a beautiful day

Villa del Bono in the village of Cremella is a very eclectic residence with a Renaissence style, but a very strong british background called to mind by the huge park, 6 hectares of grass with bushes and sculptures. Built on a pre existing building bewteen the 1890 and the 1895 by the architect Cecilio Arpesani, commissioned by the Sessa family. In 1934 it became propriety of the Del Bono Counts, the grandparents of today’s owners, who turn this coutryside villa in a charming and beautiful frame for events, parties and conferences, and of course weddings.

Because the village of Cremella, near Lecco, is a very charming and almost melancholy romantic place: its name means “burned apple” and recalls long, lost times ago when this land was covered by extended fields of apple trees, now gone. The entrance into the villa, which arises majestic with its two levels, is through one central archade, and thanks to its many terraces and geometric openings, the residence has endless links and references bewteen inner and outer spaces. The terrace on the west side of the building is especcialy charming, seeing it opens up on a beautiful landscape with a decorated balustrade.

villa del bono cremella hall

This XIX century building is the ideal place to celebrate the perfect wedding. Two adjcent halls can host up to 180 guests setead at the table, but there is also a saloon of honour, two little lounge areas and the area assigned to the catering service (which is not personal, so the wedding couple can freely arrange it themselves). Very romantic is also the garden with a pretty swimming pool, surrounded by the lush landscape of Como and Bergamo’s Pre Alps. 

A long boulevard 200 metres long follows the guests towards the heart of the park  all the way to the villa, and allows to enjoy the view of the Grigne and Resegone. Villa del Bono is located in a very strategic area, only 15 km away from the cities of Lecco and Como and 35 km from Milan: the feeling of living in the countryside but all the comforts of a big city.

villa del bono cremella gardenVilla del Bono - wedding location Como Lake