Villa Durazzo: fabulous Liguria wedding

Villa Durazzo: fabulous Liguria wedding

A fabulous scenery for your wedding in Liguria, Villa Durazzo is an elegant seventeenth century villa with an enchanting italian park

Immerse in the green of the park and facing the cristal clear sea, the prestigious complex of Villa Durazzo offers a quiet and exclusive space for your wedding in Liguria. The complex contains the seventeenth century Villa Durazzo, the ninenteenth century dependance of Villa San Giacomo and the sixteenth century Castle. Tre three buildings, with different capacity, are ideal locations for your wedding in Liguria, either with the civil ceremony in a fabulous setting, or with the religious ceremony in the baroque church near the park, and a perfect place for your wedding banquet which will leave you and your guests astonished.


Villa Durazzo is in the centre of Santa Margherita Ligure, just on the hill that dominates the city, surrounded from a centennial marvellous park rich with many botanical species of great beautiness, an italian garden with a breathtaking view on the Tigullio gulf. The marvellous external terraces are a perfect place for a romantic wedding banquet, lightened from the warm of the candles and organized from the staff of the villa, attentive for every detail. One of the terraces has a closed and warmed up marquee under which you can have a romantic banquet also in winter time, facing the marvellous garden. In winter times, also, the suggestive frescoes on the walls of the internal rooms will be a perfect frame for your best day.


Villa Durazzo works with a trusted catering to organize at best your wedding banquet as you want it. Great attention is given to the offered courses, using always high quality ingredients, and to the setting, always refined and romantic, to reproduce your personality. Chef of exceptional experience will prepare traditional ligurian courses reconsidered in modern attitude and the service will be precise and careful for an unforgettable wedding in Liguria.