Love me in Liguria. Escaping reality: marrying at Villa Lo Zerbino

Love me in Liguria. Escaping reality: marrying at Villa Lo Zerbino

You pull me by the jacket’s sleeve of the suit you chose and I watch an expression of timeless marvel blooming on your baby face. While the light reflects on the shadows of your tired, but happy face, I turn to look at the fountain’s show, which plays with the water and the light in our honor. Our guests fall in exclamations of surprise, charmed by the animation of the great pool.

Villa Lo Zerbino stands out majestic in front of us, enlightened magnificently in the summer night’s darkness, and, like a centuries-old austere and silent lady, seems to be the guardian of our wedding celebration.

Love me in Liguria - Villa Lo Zerbino

You were almost disdainful when we crossed the villa’s threshold for the first time, to see if it could meet our taste. You wanted a simple and modern wedding, on a lawn, underneath a flower arch, but our families felt a bond with tradition and insisted a lot for us to consider the aristocratic context of Villa Lo Zerbino. “Let’s give it a possibility”, I smiled with the usual calm tone with which I only address to you, giving you a caress, and you immeditely calmed down and accepted.

Love me in Liguria. Villa Lo Zerbino.


The villa was incredible.

The rooms were richly decored, the staircases adorned with statues and the high glass windows left us breathless. We spent all our childhood in Genoa, and yet we never realized how Villa Lo Zerbino was a hidden treasure in the city’s heart.

With our hometown at our feet, we looked out the balcony at the main floor and I noticed that the view of the enormous garden, with its pool and its thick trees, melted your frown and relaxed your face’s expression in what almost looked like a smile.



Thus our wedding became the perfect union of freshness and tradition. Simona Chiavaccini, the  wedding planner who had followed us step by step in organizing our wedding,  thought every detail.


n the soft light of June’s late afternoon, I saw you walking through the lawn towards me, waiting for you in trepidation underneath the red roses arch. Our relatives, seated on the white chairs in the sun, were moved with me by seeing how beautiful you were, with your crown of white flowers and the pure lined dress, mirror to your young soul.

We took pictures in the garden’s corners you liked the most, and it nearly seemed that you sparkled with so much happiness, at ease amongst the nature you felt you belonged to.

Villa Lo Zerbino - Love me in LiguriaThen we prepared to have dinner inside, for which we entrusted Capurro ricevimenti catering. The various courses convinced the knot that the anxiety of the day tied to our stomach to unravel and we relaxed to enjoy the excellent dishes on the marvelous main floor. The satisfied and proud looks of our parents, lost in admiring the majestc chandeliers above them and the rich stuccos on the walls, were the final confirmation that ours was the best choise we could make.



“Let’s dance now!”, you exclaim, with an appealing smile, after the pleasant fountain’s show finished. You drag me to the villa again, that now transforms from calm refined setting into a party made of colorful lights and blaring music. I wonder where you found all this energy today, after eating and sleeping so little for the emotion, but you are so happy that I think this must simply be the key to your enthusiasm. I let the songs’ rhythm infect me, without fearing to appear ridiculous for once, while you move carefree in front of me, elightened by the colorful lights that move rapidly and reflect on the grandiose chandeliers. In the joyful celebration around us, we smile at each other in complicity, because we know we have no time limits, and we can dance until morning, which will illuminate the beginning of our life together.