Your wedding at Villa Rubini Redaelli

Your wedding at Villa Rubini Redaelli

Unforgattable wedding at Villa Rubini Redaelli, within the amazing frame of the Lake Como, bewteen charming gardens and elegant buildings.

When a place is so beautiful that moves you even when you only look at it, then it’s practically impossible to forget it. Then, if it is chosen as wedding location too, the place where two people choose to say their “I do”, then it also becomes a source of memories and emotions, which brings along with it something kind of magic. It’s the case of Villa Rubini Redaelli, an historical residence with a majestic architecture located in Dongo, a little village overlooking the Lake Como.

Villa Rubini Redaelli wedding garden

If you’re one of those brides who dreams of a fairy-tale wedding, Villa Rubini Redealli is exactly what you’re looking for, a place where your wedding planner can unleash his/her imagination and creation. The garden all around it is huge and has an oval shaped swimming pool: the reception can be held there, with a natural background of flowers, plants and reflections on the waters that is is simply breathtaking, the perfect frame for the perfect wedding photo shooting. A charming landscape that can be best seen from the panoramic terrace, where the buffet can take place. But there is more: the private dock will give you the change to plan a scenographic arrival by boat to amaze all you guests.

Villa Rubini Redaelli wedding Lake

For those wedding couples who don’t want to depend on the weather – especially if you’re getting married in autumn or winter – Villa Rubini Redaelli offers many opportunities even inside: the beautiful halls and the bright porch are inside areas which, set up really well, can be the ideal location for amazing lunches or dinners. If instead the party goes on all the way into late night, there is the chance to spend your first wedding night in one of the luxury suites of the villa, waking up the following morning still living the dream.