When brides just love purple!

When brides just love purple!

Violet Bouquet: stories, myths and legends of a very meaningful flower

violet bouquetThe violet bouquet is the perfect choice for a summer bride. The violets are very delicate and feminine flowers, there are more than 500 varieties of violets, from the brightest to the lightest shades, perfect for individual floral composition or to go with other flowers, such as orchids and roses.

The beauty of the violets inspired many myths and legends, some of them really old. One is about the Volcano God who, after his unsuccessful attempt to won over Venere’s love, tried to soften his looks with a tiara of violets. Venere wasn’t able to resist the perfum of the flowers and accepted Volcano’s love.

In the language of flowers the violet indicates modesty, shyness, discretion and pure emotion: according to old Celtic beliefs, purple was symbol of purity and represented at its best the love bewteeen the soon-to-be wedding couple, as well as mother and daughter’ s incredible bond.

Violets grows pratically everywhere, you can find them alonside the rivers within the huge woods of Europe, Africa, Oceania, South America and even the warmest part of Artict. Violets are very robust plants and can be grown even at home in a vase, seeing they don’t need to be taken care of too much.

Since old times, they have been used in profumery; how could we not remeber the “Violetta di Parma”, a very refined perfume with a very recognizable scent. A curiositiy that perhaphs many don’t know is that the characteristic scent of the violet comes from the processing of the leaves, not the petals.

In the erbal medicine field, the violet oil is used to soothe any headache or cold; confectioners instead use it to lightly flavour the cake mixture and to make balsamic candies.

The violet bouquet is the perfect choice for the 2017 spring bride, thanks to its ability to make the overall look of the wedding look elegant and polished: here are same inspirations for an individual floral compositions or with the addition of some roses and orchids.

violet bouquetviolet bouquet

Lastly, another little curiosity: did you know that in William Shakespeare’s ” A Midnight summer dream” the juice of the violet was squeeze on the eyes to make people fall in love?