WedBox, the perfect app for your wedding 2.0

WedBox, the perfect app for your wedding 2.0

Times have changed since the newlyweds were almost fearful towards the photographer’s studio, hoping that a weird play of light and shadow didn’t ruin the photographs of their most beautiful day. Nowadays tablets and smartphones are regular guests at any wedding and give anyone the chance to collect memories that will last forever with a simple tap. WedBox comes to the rescue of 2.0 weddings with a fresh and colorful app that already has over 100,000 users in more than 40 countries.

Once you’ve tried it, it’s forever

WedBox wedding app photos

Available for both App Store and Google Play in any language, WedBox is super easy to use. Once you have created an account from the app or the website, all you have to do is to share your Wedding ID with friends and family. Then, be ready to enjoy the many features that WedBox offers you.

Through WedBox you can:

  • Create completely personalized invitations for your wedding day;
  • Share photos and videos of the wedding and get your guests to do the same for two months from the date of the wedding;
  • Divide the contents into categories that are easy to browse and sort;
  • Let those who didn’t come to the wedding taste moments and memories from the day;
  • Easily download videos and photos directly to your device;
  • Create a slideshow featuring the most important moments;
  • Safely upload anything you want thanks to full privacy settings.

A locked drawer

Like a drawer full of photos and letters that smell like lavender, WedBox will allow you to collect memories and moments of the days before the wedding too.
Indeed, you can also upload those photos taken by your friends while, between a smile and tears, you laid your eyes on the dress that made you beat your heart; or the video where, drunk with happiness, you and your partner sing that song that will become yours from here to eternity, despite the raspy voice and the touchable tiredness.

WedBox is the best choice even for those memories too important to become public. You can always decide who can access to the photos and videos, changing the settings of the albums from time to time. This way only a lucky few of your closest friends will be able to see that woozy smile, thanks to a vibrant bachelorette party. As well as that dance between the groom and his friends after one drink too many.

And when after the wedding that old friend calls you from half a world away, deeply touched after witnessing your “I do” despite the distance… Then you’ll be sure that you made the right choice.