What an..App! When even the wedding day becomes digital

What an..App! When even the wedding day becomes digital

Wedding Apps: our list of digital assistants

At some point all this wedding planning just becomes too much. We all know what planning an event is like: the guest that doesn’t know what to wear, the cake that will arrive too late, the wrong set of decorations, don’t knowing what to pick for the menu … choice after choice the wedding day can quickly become a stressful experience.

But if I say to you that there is someone out there ready to help you?

Brides all around the world do not be afraid, 2017 technology will come to save the day! Here’s our list of the best Wedding Apps to download on your smartphone, your own digital wedding planner!


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Photoshooting – Wedding Album

Taking pictures is the only way to truly remeber every little details of your wedding day: that special colour of your bridesmaid’s dress, the way the lights reflected on the damp grass, the feeling of your dad’s hand keeping your own during your first father-daughter dance.

However, every bride will be too focused on looking into her new husband’s eyes to take care of the photos, so it is only fair that all the guests become the unofficial photographers of the day. In order to keep every single photos there are some cool apps like WedPics or WedShoots which will let you create a photo gallery in which all the guests can put their pictures.

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What is a party without music? The wedding apps which allow to create personal playlist to use during your wedding day are many and very different: your favourite song, some hit of the moment and the right amount of dance group, and everything will be alright!

Spotify Music is for sure one of the coolest app in this reagard: not only you can find pratically every song played on the radio, but also it gives you the opportunity to choose many themed playlist, from the classical to the folklore one. If instead you’re looking for typical wedding songs, then My wedding Music is the right app.

Make up and Hairstyle 

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Trying different makeup and haristyles on your wedding day is never a wise choice: eyeliner too thick or too much hair spray could make everything look like a mess. Don’t worry, there is a solution, and it’s not vexing your skin with too many makeup remover.

There is a great amount of apps which can be considered as true digital beauty salon. Thanks to the internal camera of your phone you can actually see your face on the screen and try one different make up, without using any real lipstick or brushes. We suggest YouCam Makeup.

Looking for inspiration

The greatest benefit of alla social media? being a place of endless ideas. Decorations, dresses, gifts, there is nothing you won’t find inspiration for on Pinterest and Instagram. You just need to follow the right hastags and create the perfect wall of pins and your imagination will blossom like never before.

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