Cinque Terre, the most romantic wedding of all times

Cinque Terre, the most romantic wedding of all times

Wedding at Cinque Terre? The perfect romantic experience

Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso: the Cinque Terre shows all its beauty, a waterfall of coloured houses overlooking the clear sea. Bright colours against the green backdrop of the hills, a distan memory of sea wind in the air, the music of the waves crashing against the seashore, the silence of small villages stuck in time… the Cinque Terre is a small jewel of history, beauty and culture which has made Liguria famous all around the world. So precious that it was listed as part of UNESCO back in 1997: a rareness universally known.

Your wedding at Cinque Terre can only take the charm and magic of this wonderful wedding location.

wedding at cinque terre

An ideal landscape for every moment

Every wedding is a patchwork of slides of love, meaningful moments which find an eternal place in the hearts of the wedding couple. Intimate moments, as the first dance or the decisive “you may kiss the bride”, iconic moments, like the cutting of the cake, moments of entertainment – like the following party till late at night.I

Doesn’t matter the moment, the Cinque Terre will give you the best landscape for your wedding photos – and for your heart. If it is the endless sea that you want as backdrop of your kisses, the Monterosso beach, with its fine sand and clear waters, will conquer you in a heartbeat. Need another option? The small Vernazza bay, a corner of silence, reflections and rocks.

wedding at Cinque terre

Lastly, if you want to spend your wedding day surrounded by culture and history don’t worry,the CinqueTerre won’t leave you disappointed. Between old castles, as the one in Monterosso, and typical towers-houses scattered among narrow streets and gotich churches, every little corner of these amazing villages talks about unicity and tradition.

Eremo della Maddalena: your wedding locations.

Here we talked about the Eremo of Maddalena, a beautiful historical residence near Monterosso which can be rented exclusively all year long. The charm of the wide garden and lighten swimming pool, the beauty of the inner places, the possibility to stay overnight in one of the huge rooms on the second floor… a wedding location which combines the glamour, modern style with its own ancient charm, creating the perfect romantic experience.

wedding at Cinque terre