Wedding in Jesolo: get married on the beach!

Wedding in Jesolo: get married on the beach!

On Jesolo’s seashore: a breathtaking wedding on the beach

The location is the most special ingredient of any wedding day: it sets the scene, defines the mood of the reception, captures the couple’s sprit, tells the story of your love. If what you’re looking for on your wedding day is a romantically unique location, the city of Jesolo gives you the opportunity to celebrate your civil wedding in Oro Beach beach resort, giving life to the american dream of a wedding by the sea.

Gold sand under your feet, the breeze of the sea between your hair, the sweet roar of the waves, the endless sea behind your back. These are the beauties of your wedding in Jesolo, the story of an elegant and fair-tale love, free as the sea, warm as the sun on your skin.

Jesolo’s beach, the real protagonist of your big Day

Wedding on the beach, Wedding in JesoloJesolo not only offers you the magic atmosphere of its beach, but helps you throughout the entire planning of your wedding.

Oro Beach becomes your personal heaven.

Ornamental plants and floral decorations marks the path towards the white gazebo, that will shelter the future groom and bride, like an open air aisle of sand and sun. Rows of white chiars will instead accommodate all the guests, who will admire the thrilled bride as she walks through the pastel coloured carpet of the aisle.

Lastly, a sweet beackground music will fill your lovely vows with endless romanticism; but we think the natural sound of the waves is definitely a better option!

Jesolo, town of many possibilities

Wedding on the beach, Wedding in JesoloMany are the possibilities to celebrate your wedding in Jesolo, brushed by the sea breeze. As breathtaking background, as beautiful landscape for the reception, as the only protaginist of your day, the sea will always amaze you.

In addition to the ceremony directly by the sea, you can choose to celebrate the civil wedding on the sky terrace, facing the sea, of the Register of Marrigies building at Oro Beach, combining a special reception directly on the sandy shore.

For the bride and groom who instead would love an open air wedding, it can be celebrated in the Sile Park, opposite to the City Hall. As always, there is an high attention to details: an elegant gazebo as an unique altar, the guests audience gathered alongside the aisle, love’s footprints in everything.