Wedding cake inspired by the confectionery tradition of Veneto

Wedding cake inspired by the confectionery tradition of Veneto

The wedding cake, as we know, has always been the highlight of the wedding ceremony. It’s when the spouses toast their new life together. For this very reason, we decided to propose some wedding cakes ideas inspired by the Veneto region and its traditional sweets to make that moment extraordinary.

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The Pandoro

For those who love the Christmas atmosphere or have chosen a winter wedding, it’s impossible not to think of one in particular: his majesty the Pandoro. This soft and fluffy sweet is born in the Verona area and perfectly represents the Christmas and winter spirit. The dense and honeycombed texture of the dough, rich and tasteful, lends itself to any filling. Proposing this dessert in a revisited way will literally be a piece of cake!

Love me in Veneto Pandoro dough leavening
The pandoro dough leavening

The Tisamisù

A beloved sweet replicated and known throughout the world is tiramisù. It represents the Italian confectionery tradition par excellence, especially abroad. Few know, however, that this delicious sweet is born here, in the Veneto region. A smart idea to satisfy all your guests could be to propose it as a wedding cake. Imagine what a wonderful cake you’ll have: strong coffee dripping and mascarpone cream, with a pinch of cocoa powder. Aren’t you hungry? Unquestionably, it is the best way to celebrate one’s roots and please all guests.

Love me in Veneto tiramisù cake

The Moro di Venezia

When one thinks of the most romantic city in the world, one thinks of Venice. And when you think of Venice, it can’t help coming in mind the mouth-watering memory of the Moro di Venezia. It’s translated literally as “the African of Venice”. Originally oval and very similar to a large biscuit, the Moro di Venezia lends itself to being revisited in a nuptial key as a base for tasty Bavarois and mousses. Simple but effective, it recalls the simple tastes of childhood and the chocolate chips inside are an extra treat for cocoa lovers.

Love me in Veneto moro di Venezia biscuit

The Pazientina cake

The Pazientina cake may not be well known outside its homeland, the city of Padua, but if you try to taste it you will certainly not forget it. Composed of almonds shortcrust, sponge cake, eggnog, and enriched with a layer of rippled chocolate on the surface, this cake lends itself well as a wedding cake for the spouses who love desserts with a simple but powerful and sensational taste.

Love me in Veneto Pazientina cake

The Strudel

We couldn’t forget about the strudel in a wedding cake version! This typical dessert of the Dolomites is traditionally stuffed with apples and raisins. It has a unique flavor that warms up the heart, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s that bit of cinnamon, maybe because it tastes better warm, the strudel is the sweet that all the grandmothers have prepared us at least once in their life for their grandchildren. Perfect for mountain lovers, but it is also an excellent idea to satisfy both children and adults and honor childhood memories.

Love me in Veneto piece of studded with eggnog

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