Wedding cake topper like artwork in Veneto

Wedding cake topper like artwork in Veneto

The last trend for your wedding cake topper

Far from the days of classical weddings, made up of traditional elements, the trends for 2020 weddings move towards unusual choices, with the aim of surprising and being remembered for the creative flair.

Come and find out how to put the icing on the cake of your big day!

The Veneto offers many original ideas for decorating your wedding cake, as it allows thinking of a variety of eccentric and memorable wedding cakes topper.

Wedding cake topper Love me in Veneto

Romeo & Juliet

To pay tribute to the beautiful Verona, you can customize the top of the cake with the silhouettes of Romeo and Juliet. Maybe immortalized during the classic balcony scene, what do you think? Composed preferably in sugar paste, these wedding cake topper would be perfect for the most romantic spouses.

Inspired by nature

Lovers of the Dolomites or the Lessinia woods, on the other hand, could consider paying tribute to the centuries-old art of woodworking, the pride of our region, which is born and characterizes these territories. So why not be original and focus on a wooden decoration as a topper? You can opt for the shape you like best, letting yourself be guided in the choice by the protected artisan masters of the Veneto Wood Consortium.

Wedding cake topper Love me in Veneto wooden sculpture, woodworking


If in your heart there is instead the beautiful Venice and the lagoon, you can pay tribute to them with an idea inspired by the splendid Murano. It may not seem right, but how about a magnificent blown glass sculpture? No matter how much and if you want to dare with shapes and colors, what matters is that your cake topper presents the brand Consorzio Promovetro Murano. Some artisans will expressly create your wedding cake topper for you, shaping the glass according to your tastes, ready to decorate a very spectacular, classy and out of the ordinary cake!

Wedding cake topper Love me in Veneto wooden sculpture, woodworking

Lux overload

For the lovers of goldsmith’s art and luxury, the advice is to focus on gold, and in Veneto you will not be disappointed: in Vicenza, in fact, the tradition of gold craftsmanship is as solid as it is ancient and thanks to the expert hands of the jewelry masters will be able to decorate your cake with a precious and unique wedding cake topper, able to make every cake a real treasure.

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