Wedding cakes: when it becomes art

Wedding cakes: when it becomes art

Not only flavour: perfect wedding cakes

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most  emotional moment of the entire reception: all the guests gather around the bride and the groom as they – hands joined above the knife – cut their huge cake through layers of pastry, creams and tasty fillings. A gesture that seems to say “ from now on, we’ll do everything together, starting from the small things”.

lace wedding cakesThus, even if the wedding cake remains still a dessert to enjoy at the end of the meal, it has slowly started to play a major role in every wedding reception: classic, delicate, artistic, colourful, with chocolate, fruit, creams… both inside and outside, the wedding cake has to embody the newlyweds’ soul and personality.

Let’s find out together all the ideas to make your wedding cake a mirror to your love story!

Heart of …

Cream, chocolate, fresh fruit, butterscotch, liquor, red velvet; just a few of the many tasty fillings which can make your wedding cake an explosion of flavours, and will satisfy even the most “sweet addicted” guest!

Be bold in your choice, this is the time to be a little adventurous: if it’s a huge, four-layers wedding cake of pure chocolate the one you have always dreamt about, why settle for some boring sponge cake?

wedding cakes chocolate


rainbow wedding cakes     naked wedding cakes


Once you have chosen the filling, why even keep it hidden under layers of pastry? The new “naked cake” are the perfect solution to show all the intricate play of cream and fruit you’re cake is made of. Also, if you want to keep up with the newest trends of the wedding cake designs, the “rainbow cake” is your winning choice. Layers of colored pastry with vanilla cream in between: tasty and beautiful!

“Tell me what your wedding cake is like and I’ll tell you who you are”

Despite everything, the real magic happens on the outside of the cake. It’s exactly how the wedding cake looks that is gonna tell the most the story and personality of your love.

From the moment the wedding cake design became an art rather than a simple hobby, there is no limit to the beauty – and extravagance! – your wedding cake can achieve.

Flowers remains one of the most requested decoration: coloured, fresh, fake, eatable, flowers can be put everywhere, between layers, on the top of the cake, at the bottom.

texture wedding cakes


wedding cakes with phrases      wedding cakes art


Another good option is playing with the texture of the cake, like in the picture below: the pink chocolate is shaped in wide brush strokes, like stormy waters.

If instead you have a really fearless soul, here are the most statement wedding cakes: a themed decoration, maybe inspired by movie or book characters, an hand written fondant – a romantic declaration of love to your other half? – or even some beautiful pictures painted on it. In short, a wedding cake that is a real masterpiece.

The sweet alternative

Do you have in mind a simple, young and fun wedding? Get rid of the traditional wedding cake and focus your attention on other sweet alternatives!

To keep the elegance and sophistication of a wedding banquet of delicate flavours, here it is the macaroon wedding cake: arranged in a pyramidal shape of beautiful hues, it will win everybody’s heart! Same thing for the cupcakes wedding cake, which will give you the possibility to choose a lot of different fillings too.

cupcakes wedding cakes


macaroon wedding cakes


If instead you want to make dessert the main dish of your wedding meal, just go with a doughnuts wedding cake; even the children will be happy! But if you have came so far and still no wedding cake has fulfil your dreams (and appetite) maybe a pyramid of Oreos can finally win your heart over.

donuts wedding cakes


oreo wedding cakes