Wedding etiquette: advice for a stylish wedding

Wedding etiquette: advice for a stylish wedding

A wedding, no matter how you celebrate it, is always a great party: the atmosphere of complicity is unique, and people use to talk for years about this kind of event. That’s why there are strict rules of etiquette, mostly in a land like Veneto that’s rich in traditions. Now we’ll see the most important rules for a good ceremony!


Unless you are the bride, don’t wear a white dress. You shouldn’t steal her the show in her special day. If you like bright colors and there isn’t any dress code in particular, you can always wear pink or blue or yellow. Remember not to wear too much revealing clothes, which could bring bad comments, especially if you are invited to a religious ceremony. For men, forget the shorts! It seems obvious, but none of you want to be remembered as “the one with shorts”, so for this time leave them in the closet and use it for your next boat trip. You should be tidy, hair and beard included, which don’t have to be necessarily short but brushed and trimmed.

Wedding Bridesmaids

The toast

When there will be the toast, and in general during the banquet, don’t forget to choose a top quality wine! We can suggest a Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, or a Garganega del Garda sparkling version. In Veneto, the quantity of wines is very large and it won’t be difficult to find the one for you. We suggest a trip in the wineries of the Colline del Prosecco, so experts will help you and you will also spend a lovely day there!

Wedding toast

If the spouses are your friends, and you want to make a toast for them, don’t talk about facts that are too personal before the “cheers”: many people don’t like their family and friends to know all their embarassing details during their wedding! Just wish them the best life possible, and say you’re honored to be there to celebrate this event with them.


Last but not least, remember that a good idea could be choosing food that’s typical of the place you’re in, to honor and support zero-mile products of the earth, and to make your guests taste food they’re not used to eat. It will be a great emotion to see them loving the food of a land rich in history and surprises! And that’s not all: Veneto has also a big quantity of starred chefs, like Massimo Alajamo, Giancarlo Perbellini and many others.

There are also many traditions you can follow, like throwing rice to the spouses when they come out the place of the ceremony or, if you chose to get married in Venice, the couple should move away in a “gondola”, followed by another boat with all the guests.

So, now that you know all the most important behavior rules to attend a wedding in Veneto, you don’t have to be afraid anymore! You’re ready to spend a beautiful and happy day that will stay forever in the hearts of all the guests.