Wedding favor: to make your wedding day even more special

Wedding favor: to make your wedding day even more special

 You don’t know which wedding favor to choose for your wedding? Here’s some ideas and inspirations.

Details always makes the difference, especially when talking about weddings. It’s not a coincidence that invitations, tableau mariage, wedding theme, colours and wedding favors too are the pieces that most customize the entire event, making it original and unique, capable of leaving unforgettable memories in the minds and hearts of all the guests.

For this reason, wedding favors have a very importan role; they are like a small gift with which the bride and groom thank friends and family of being there with them and the love they showed. If in the past it was common to give a small decorative objects made with glass or pottery, doomed to remain forever on show on top of shelves and bookshelves, today the new trend is going for newer and mor original ideas.


Wedding favor honey


Culinary Wedding favors

Who woundn’t enjoy a good bottle of wine? Or a jar of sweet honey? Or a special jam? It has always been a very trendy idea to make a local, home-made food a welcomed gift, maybe decorated by a nice card signed by the wedding couple.

Do-yourself-Wedding favors

For the couple with a not so high budget and who loves home made gifts, there is the change to craate their own wedding favors all by themselves. Scented candles, colourful bars of soap, or a little bag of candy, small glass bottles filled with sand and seashells… let your creativity flow!

Green Wedding Flavors

Following the eco-friendly theme, a lot of couple nowadays choose to give a plant as wedding gift, usually succulents, or some seeds whose blooming will then symbolize the start of their lofe together.

“Solidarity” Wedding favors

A classic choice, always has been, the perfect match of those couples who particullary feel sympathetic towards the less fortunte. All they need to do is choosing between a wide selection of charities to whome transfer the wedding favors budget.

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