Wedding favor: when and how to deliver it

Wedding favor: when and how to deliver it

After the sweet tension of the morning’s preparations, when the great emotion of the ceremony is finally released, here it comes the delivery of the wedding favor. As every reception’s flavor finishes, from the cocktail to the wedding cake, the moment feared by every bride and long awaited by the guests arrives.

The bride can be at ease in delegating the important task to the most chic favors-shop or to the closest relatives, or taking care of the creation of wedding favors by herself.

Anyway, it is essential to give the right importance to this little gift and especially to its delivery. Finally, the delivery of the wedding favor can reserve a great satisfaction and an unexpected joy to the newlyweds. This special moment should be supported by a correct management. Therefore it can be noteworthy to know the two most widespread and more effective methods.

The wedding favor incorporated in the mise en place:

Because of the easy deliver, many spouses today choose this convenient solution. Infact it consist on placing the small gift in advance, directly at each seat at the reception tables. Most of all, newlyweds should consider that this mode certainly makes the guests feel a general surprise effect.

But, due to this, certainly it requires a common style, while perfectly matching the table mise en place and the wedding favor, which must be small and do not take over the table decoration.

For example, some suitable ideas for this type of delivery can be succulents, elegantly placed next to the silverware or glasses, in accompaniment to a rich greenery table centerpiece, or a homemade candle.

Wedding favor a little piece of elegance

Little elegance

The wedding favor at the end of the reception

Probably it is the most popular mode, because it allows spouses to choose favors of various shapes and sizes. In addition, they can personally deliver the gift in the hands of the dearest ones.

As a result infact the couple can choose to thank each guest when he or she is still seated. Otherwise, the delivery can take place near a magnificent table, where to arrange all the favors with glamour. Finally, it can be next to a delicious sweet table, where the bride and the groom can receive greetings from the guests at the end of the party, taking advantage of a greater emotional involvement.

Wedding favor friend of the bride

Wedding feelings